3rd Nov 2019
Day 1

1. Glittering night life.
Macao has so much to offer when it comes to night life. Even a walk through it's beautifully lit up areas can be rejuvenating and enthralling.

2. A mix of rural and urban.
Macao has shiny hotels and other buildings and villages with cobbled streets at the same time. No one can get bored here.

3. Portuguese architecture.
If you're looking for a trip destination with a European vibe with a both an old world charm and glitz, look no further than Macao. With its classic Portuguese houses and temples, it is bound to take your breath away.

4. Adventure.
Macao offers something for everyone. If you're looking for thrill, bungee jumping at Macao Tower is not to be missed.

5. Egg Tart at Lord Stow's Bakery
One of Macao's most famous delicacies, the egg Tart would just melt inside your mouth. Yumm!

6. Haq Sa Beach
Have you been on a beach with black sand before? Macao has one of those too! Haq Sa is near Coloane village and it offers a one of a kind beach experience with beautiful landscapes.

7. A peak into Buddhism
If Buddhism interests you, here you'll get ample chances to gain more insight into the religion and its workings. With its beautiful Buddhist temples, Macao has a lot to offer.

8. Shopping on your mind?
Senado Square is where you need to be. It is SO scenic at night. You will not be able pass through without taking a few pictures and filling up some bags.

9. House of Dancing Water
This one of a kind show will stay with you long after you've come back from the trip. Pure brilliance.

10. The Venetian, Macao
With luxury dripping everywhere, Venetian will leave you spellbound with its marvelous architecture.

11. The Parisian, Macao
It deserves a special mention even though it's smaller than the Venetian. It has an amazing replica of the Eiffel Tower which lights up during the night. You. Cannot. Miss. It.

12. Bus rides through the islands.
Macao has two islands connected by bridges. You can take buses from one to the other and pass through soothing routes through the islands. So much greenery and architectural brilliance to be seen here.

13. A peak into colonialism at Guia Fort.
Various European monuments and buildings give a clear insight into how Europeans blended with the Asians. Be it the food or the streets, you'll surely feel that you're in a European village. Guia Fort and Lighthouse was the chief observation point in Colonial times and it was designed to defend the island.

14. The majestic Fisherman's Wharf.
It has replicas of some of the world's most famous port towns. Oh, and if you're looking for shopping locations, this is one of them.

15. How safe the island feels.
We didn't come across any anti-social activity during the trip. It's perfectly safe for women who want to travel alone.

16. The cobbled streets of Coloane Village.
It has a mix of old Portuguese and Chinese buildings which are sure to grab your attention. There's also a charming little chapel which serves as a great backdrop for pictures.

17. Various fountain shows outside hotels.
You cannot be bored when in Macao. On your walks during the night, you can come across some of the most scintillating light and water shows outside hotels.

18. Macao ferry.
It runs between Hong Kong and Macao. It's one of a kind and if you arrive in Macao at night, you'll be mesmerized by how glittery the island looks.

19. Courteous locals.
We didn't come across a single rude person. Everyone from the local shop owners to the hotel staff were really courteous.

20. Pandaaaaaas
The biggest attraction for us was the Giant Panda Pavilion in Macao. The Pandas there will ensure that you keep your eyes peeled at them.

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