#20ThingsILoveAboutMacao- Las Vegas of Asia


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Photo of #20ThingsILoveAboutMacao- Las Vegas of Asia by Abhishek Sadalge

Known as the Vegas of Asia, it is located very close to the bustling city of Hong Kong. While there are many things to marvel about the city, here is my list of 20 things that i love about Macao

1. Extravagant Casinos

2. Venetian Macao

3.Exciting Entertainment and shows

4.Ruins of St. Paul

5. Ancient Architecture

6. Various Parks and Lush Greenery

7.Chinese Temples

8.Historic Centres of Macao

9. Giant Pandas

10.Themed restaurants at Fisherman's Wharf

11.Bungee Jumping at Macao Tower


13. Hac Sa Beach

14. Delicious Food

15. Night views with light displays

16. Taipa Village

17. Senado Square

18.Luxurious Resorts

19. The house of Dancing Water

20. Macao Cuisine

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