• The presence of so many photography places, which makes it any photographers dream

• The night markerts are to die for

• The perfect blend of Portuguese and Chinese culture and traditions

• The fact that it is a 1 day travel destination from Hong Kong. 

• Hop between extravagant casinos - it's rightly called the Vegas of East

• The food market at Taipa Village

• The urban parks of Macau are quite a sight

• Enjoy the many performances across the city like opera, dance, lights and sound show, water show etc

• Take delight in the beautiful ruins of St. Paul and Mount Fortress

• The presence of many museums in the city

• The food is drool worthy

• See beautiful flowers at Macau Lotus Flower Festival

• You can see the adorably cute pandas at Seac Pai Van Wildlife Park

• The beautiful beautiful beach of Hac Sa

• Take an evening stroll at Senado Square

• Get a taste of Taoism at A-Ma temple

• The fact that Hong Kong is only 62 km away

• Have a Venetian shopping experience, with gondola rides and flowing water

• Experience the exhilaration of Bungee Jumping at Macau Tower

• And the best thing, the tickets to Macau aren't overly priced, which makes it the perfect 4 day getaway from India.

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