24 hours in Little Lhasa - Mc Leodganj 

Photo of 24 hours in Little Lhasa - Mc Leodganj by High on Highway
Photo of 24 hours in Little Lhasa - Mc Leodganj  1/6 by High on Highway
The Main Bazaar Lane

An impromptu morning wanderlust led to a short road trip of 3.5 hours from Jammu to McLeodganj.

Photo of 24 hours in Little Lhasa - Mc Leodganj  2/6 by High on Highway
Baked Potato stuffed with Bacon at Jimmy's

Never a trip to Mc Leodganj is complete without a nice meal at Jimmy's. Also, you can't miss to visit - Woeser's Bakery, Moonpeak Espresso, Four Season's Cafe.

Take a stroll down the old town towards the Local market and find a quaint winery & restaurant - The Chocolate Log

Photo of 24 hours in Little Lhasa - Mc Leodganj  3/6 by High on Highway

Winding roads, low lying clouds and roads lined with bright greens as far as the eye can see. The colours and the landscapes are bound to leave the traveller in you reeling with joy.

Photo of 24 hours in Little Lhasa - Mc Leodganj  4/6 by High on Highway
Take a walk down the old town towards the local's market and spot this yummy bakery counter that serves all things Yak Cheese - Not to miss the Chocolate Yak Cheese Cake
Photo of 24 hours in Little Lhasa - Mc Leodganj  5/6 by High on Highway
Lucky enough that we got to bow down to His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible - Dalai Lama

Photo of 24 hours in Little Lhasa - Mc Leodganj  6/6 by High on Highway
A sunny morning in the hills, swimming amidst the greens @ Asia Resorts, Strawberry Hills

This hotel has the prettiest Sun room and grass covered outdoors. Love the fact how it's secluded from the traffic woes of peak season overlooking the prettiest spot McLeodganj - Strawberry Hills.

What to do in Mc Leodganj in a Day - (Not everyone will tell you what to miss)

1. Visit the Tsechokling Gompa - raison d'etre of McLeodganj - Tse Chokling Gompa was built as a mark of replacement of the original Dip Tse Chokling Gompa in Tibet.

Take a quick walk from the main square and head straight to the prayer wheels.

2. Namgyal Monastery/ Dalai Lama Temple - A wonderful sight to see the open school for monks or sit silently in awe of the silence and peace.

3. Bhagsu temple/waterfall - SKIP - Always super crowded, a dried waterfall, slippery steps, a pond full of local kids diving in (if that's what they call it)

4. Dal Lake - SKIP -A clear blue lake with red fishes it used to be. Now it's dried and whatever water is left is BROWN. A bumpy road which ends in disappointment. Rather take a detour to Strawberry hills for scenic views and quick bite in the sunroom at Asia resorts.

5. Naddi - Hire a bike, take a quick ride to Naddi for amazing views of Dhauladhar hills capped in snow and yummiest Chai Maggi of your trip.

While you're on the bike, head downwards towards Dharamshala and stop 4 km from McLeodganj to spot an age old beautiful church on your left in the wilderness of Forsythganj.

6. Norbulingka for shopping - In the main lane. Shop for Tibetean crafts and amazing stationery. handmade in Norbulingka Institue at Dharamshala.

Also, take a stroll in the 2 bazaar lanes for amazing jewellery, handicrafts, hand woven woollen accessories, local dresses.

Quick bites - Coffee and quick bakes at the best bet - Woeser's

A nice brekky at - Four Seasons Cafe - you feel like waiting till eternity but it's worth all the pain

A wholesome Gnocchi Pasta or a yummy pizza at Jimmy's Italian Kitchen

A gorgeous quiche at Moonpeak

A savoury Ginger Lemon Tea at Green Hotel

McLeodganj's very own fine dine - McLo

Have more time in hand? Go do the Triund Trek and thank me later. An easy trek with breathtaking views and numerous heart wrenching cliff ends.

Stay for 5 days for a short Meditation programme at the Tushita Meditation centre.

Live like a local, shop the local markets, eat fresh steamed fluffy momos, try the local noodles (Levi), trek the hills in the mornings and take in all the peace.

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