3 Breathtaking Places to Visit Before You Die


Lust of wandering around unknown places is inside every one of us.

Whether we often travel or not, our heart keeps calling all the places that are still waiting to be witnessed by our eyes.

Whether you are busy in doing jobs, studying, taking care of your family, or whatsoever . . . . Don’t you always feel the strong magnetizing pull of wanderlust? Of course, you do.

Deep down you know that if you got even a little opportunity to travel, you will hit the road immediately and visit the most dramatic, beautiful and breathtaking places of this planet.

Ever thought where you will head to first? Or have you ever made a list of the places you are going to visit? Whether you have or you have not, add the following astonishing, eye-widening and wondrous places on earth in your travel list and feed your soul that is hungry for wandering.

1- Reflection lake Bolivia

Photo of Reflections Lake, Alaska, USA by Lidia Smith

It is the largest salt flat where heaven and earth merge together. This lake mirrors the enchanting magic of skies and spellbound everyone with its captivatingly breathtaking view. This amazing lake is located in Southern Bolivia.

Trust me you don’t want to die without visiting this place.

2- Sea of Stars at Vaadhoo, Maldives

Photo of Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo, Maldives by Lidia Smith

Just a glance on this beautiful view skips a heartbeat. This sea is known for its fairytale and magical landscapes. Presence and concentration of different salts makes it look like there are millions of stars in the sea.

You will be drowning in the pool of awe and wonder if you ever visit this place.

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3- Glow worm cave, New Zealand

Photo of Glow-worm Cave Tour, Greymouth, West Coast, New Zealand Whall Street, Greymouth, New Zealand by Lidia Smith

This place is one of the most gorgeous wonders of nature. It is the most enchanting cave which glows all the time because of the population of Arachnocampa luminosa.

This specie give the interior of this cave a look like there are countless twinkling stars aligned in the sky, leaving the visitors in shock and wonder.