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3 Day Session Of Paragliding In Pune
Duration: 11 Days
Pune- Talegeon
Pack your bags, some guts and lots of strength cause this activity not only needs lot of enthusiasm but strength too. Heights that I love cause I would be able to see all the things and nothing could hide from my eyes. Paragliding is a sport that needs training which could be learned easily within three days. Training with temple pilots was a quite a great experience. I chooses Pune for a three day P1 course of paragliding.
Temple pilots is a team who would teach to love and fly in the sky. They have all certificate courses training with good faculties to teach and make it a wonderful journey. Within the course for which you would opt you would have accommodation and amazing maharashtrian food. I still can't forget the taste of my first Vadapav. I had it even when I had my breakfast, usually after your stomach if tight you won't like any other food even if it's tasty but Vadapav wow it's yummy.
My experience with temple pilots was amazing we learned and even got the technical words of the sport. We wrote exam and passed it.
They have a different place from where we live in accommodation, it would take about an Hour to reach. The most important advice take 2 litres of water to the site where you would be learning as you would be thirsty. Other advise do choose to learn in winter and not in summer or pre-monsoon season. So book it in December till February, in between and not later cause the winds would be faster and you would not be able to get a solo ride. Yeah you read it right a Solo ride in your first three classes of learning itself. P1 is enough for a pilot to get a solo ride and for sure you would be confident on it.
To add with this adventure if you guys want to have a camping experience and wanna drive in the lake you guys have a lake nearby the training place and could do a night camping at that place on the last day of your session. But you need to have the tent and things that you require no ones gonna provide you with that and of course you could do some good photography.
So have fun by choosing which ever programme you would choose to join it in and experience the trill. Check out the the cost and sessions in the website.
Photos of Waru Rd, Bramhonoli, Maharashtra 410406, India 1/3 by Shanti Bhope
Photos of Waru Rd, Bramhonoli, Maharashtra 410406, India 2/3 by Shanti Bhope
Photos of Waru Rd, Bramhonoli, Maharashtra 410406, India 3/3 by Shanti Bhope
Photos of Thakursai-Aajiwali Rd, Gevhande Khadak, Maharashtra 412108, India 1/1 by Shanti Bhope
Photos of Unnamed Road, Thakursai, Maharashtra 412108, India 1/1 by Shanti Bhope
DAY 11
Photos of  1/3 by Shanti Bhope
Photos of  2/3 by Shanti Bhope
Photos of  3/3 by Shanti Bhope

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