3 Famous Temples In Mussoorie: Seek The Blessings Of God In Wonder Land!


Imagine the classic era of 90s, silent cool breezes kissing your face, melody music running in the background at tea stalls, roads not so crowded and hospitable people all around! Well, the imagination can be tuned into reality if you visit this beautiful old hill station of the nation. Mussoorie is a lush green hill station nestled in fascinating Garhwali Himalayan region of Dehradun located in Uttarakhand. The hill station is fondly known as Queen of hill stations.

Tourists visiting Mussoorie can be enchanted by the colonial past which can still be noticed in some of the architectural wonders of the place and by visiting the dense forest regions. The hill station was set by in the year 1820 by an office from British Army. Well, the gentleman is still remembered for gifting such a beautiful place to the country. Every year, the hill station is flocked by increasing number of tourists from different parts of the country and world. And so, tourism is one of the excellent sources of income for the residents here.

Well, hill stations are not just about the natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere and adventure activities. Rather there is a religious side to the place too. Irrespective of a being religious or not, one can experience spirituality in every temple of Mussoorie. Following is a list of temples in Mussoorie that can make the planning easier for every tourist.

• Jwalaji Temple

The temple of Jwalaji is pretty famous not just in Mussoorie but also in entire Dehradun. Goddess Durga is worshipped in the temple, and it is a saying by the locals that Goddess hears and fulfills the prayer of every devotee. The temple is located at a height of 2104 mts and it gives a wonderful sight of the entire town from above. Photographers can surely get some best shots of Doon Valley, Yamuna Bridge, and River Yamuna from the temple.

• Shedup Choepelling Temple

It is a well known spiritual Buddhist temple surrounded by the white snowy mountains. The past stories speak that Dalai Lama once took shelter here, since then the temple is considered to be a pure and holy place. On special occasions, the temple is decorated in an excellent manner with lights, prayer flags and lamp house. One can find solace after stepping in this spiritual and beautiful temple of Mussoorie.

• Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple

The temple is located about 40 km away from the Mussoorie city centre. It is a cave temple which is popular not just among the locals but with the tourists as well. There are sulphur springs close to the temple which are popular for having medicinal values since the ancient era. The temple witnesses thousands and lakhs of tourists during the Shivratri festival.

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