LongWeekend in Beautiful Paris- my 9 yrs old and I

25th Mar 2013
Photo of by Kat D

Arche De Triumphe

Photo of Arche De Triumphe by Kat D

Quick burger on the Champ Elysse

Photo of Quick burger on the Champ Elysse by Kat D

Eiffel Tower carousel

Photo of Eiffel Tower carousel by Kat D
Photo of by Kat D

shopping at Galleries de Lafayette

Photo of shopping at Galleries de Lafayette by Kat D

Maxim's must have treats

Photo of Maxim's must have treats by Kat D

More quick Burger no now we are McD's

Photo of More quick Burger no now we are McD's by Kat D

Nice boutique hotel The Belfast.

Photo of Nice boutique hotel The Belfast. by Kat D

My daughter and I at the Eiffel Tower.

Photo of My daughter and I at the Eiffel Tower. by Kat D

View from Trocadero square

Photo of View from Trocadero square by Kat D

My daughter and I decided to visit Paris for 3 days during Spring break from 3rd grade. We were inspired by many things mainly her fascination with the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci and the Eiffel tower she had read about in school. The hubbie working for a major airline made it possible and what a way to spend 3 days. Our hotel had a spectacular view of the Arch De Triumphe at the Hotel Belfast which immediately put us in a good mood. Having been there myself in the past as a solo traveller I remembered the fresh baked croissants at the local street bakeries in the early morning, the smell of flowers everywhere and the amazing culinary cuisine this city has to offer. Chez Francais restaurant is the best. Highly recommend. We enjoyed the chocolate croissants and everything Nutella but mostly I can say we spent our time at the local Quick Burger and McD's eating french fries. The fact that I had no say in this made me a bit furious but this trip was about her and making memories. It was cheaper than a great dinner at Chez Francais so ok. At Mc D's the restaurant is facing the panoramic view of the Arch de Triumphe. no lines you can put in your order at the self serve kiosk in your preffered language, pay by credit card and pick up at the service counter. 

Things to do -Visit the  Galleries of Lafayette for shopping and try a macaroon (puffy cookie with a cream filling). You will fall in love. The cruise down the Sienne river was cold. March can be freezing but still an amazing way to see the sights like the Notre Dame Cathedral and view of the many bridges including the lock of love bridge. The Latin quarter with its book stands and great local art displays was nice. Trocadero square is so much fun too! Local puppetiers will put on shows most days. There is a clear view to the sparkling tower which lights up at night at the top of every hour from here. Remember the tower itself in the left bank of the river but the "nicer" part of the 1st districts and 16th are on the right. The metro underground train system is more intense I think than London. Hold on to your kid, because we don't want another Mr. Bean episode. (train leaves, kid on parent off). Look at the signs and directions so you don't end up on a train to Nice. Frustrating was going up the stairs in the Arche Triumphe. Please train for a marathon first or hit the stairmaster and then attempt this. It was excrutiating for an American woman in her 40's who does not climb stairs daily and drives everywhere to be passed up by 80 yrs old Europeans in far better shape.  The view at the top was very worth it, actually amazing.  If your kid is afraid of elevators (which mine is due to the bang of the airport elevator doors in London a past trip when she was 5) the top of the Arche is a great alternative to the Eiffel tower. The Louvre museum offers free admission to all 18 and younger. Get there early. Closed on Tuesdays. It will be a fight to get that 'selfie shot' of Mona herself but do it. And of course not to miss the ride at the Eiffel tower carousel the prettiest carousel ride ever!

Enjoy the tales to tell, when you return, they will fade in their memory as they grow older but the pictures are there as proof. I don't think I would do this again at such a young age (maybe 12 yrs old is better) but I am glad we had the chance to go to Paris together. Next time EuroDisney and an apartment I think, and a great pair of gym shoes. Forget looking tres chic & be a tourist on the days you plan to sightsee. Save the heels for the stroll after down to the local cabaret. If you can get away the Crazy Horse is phenomenal review and of course the Molin Rouge.. or the Lido de Paris.  But thats for another trip.