3 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Your Summer Vacation

30th Jun 2017
Photo of Los Lunas, NM, United States by Brooke Chaplan

Vacation time is fast approaching, and there are some concerns about the safety and security of property and belongings while the family is out of town. An empty home can be an enticement to potential burglars and destructive trespassers. There are methods to ensure that all will be safe and sound until the return of the household members. These include:

Enlisting the Aid of Family, Friends, and Neighbors

Trusted individuals can be asked to watch over the property during the family's absence. Give one person a set of keys so that individual can actually walk through the home every few days in the case of broken pipes, appliances left on, or any other random emergency. This can save a homeowner thousands of dollars if someone just happened to leave a curling iron or clothing iron on in a vulnerable location or if water may happen to leak somewhere within the structure.

Making the Home Appear Occupied

Make every effort to stage your house so it looks occupied. Put all lighting on timers so they turn on and off at the appropriate times. Ask the neighbor to discreetly pick up the newspaper outside every day. Place a noisy radio near the front and back entrances, and leave vehicles parked in the driveway. Do everything you can to make it look as if someone is always at home.

Installing a Security System

One of the most effective means to protect property is to install a quality security system. This will set off alarms if doors or windows are compromised. Train everyone in the household to turn the alarms on and off, and double check that they are in working order before leaving town. If an alarm is tripped, the police, fire department, or the main office of the security company like Johns Brothers Security will be contacted and the property inspected for signs of a break-in.

Be sure to post signs that inform potential burglars and trespassers that a security system is in place. This will make them think twice before setting foot on the grounds. Also be sure to give the alarm code to any designated and trusted individuals who will be entering or exiting your house while you are gone.

As you can see, these are very effective ways to help protect your property when you are on a long or short vacation. Your home and property will be in good hands with all of this surveillance and assistance so you can relax and enjoy your well-deserved trip.

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