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Beach lovers clearly have something missing here in Pune. Although you can visit the Khadakwasla backwaters, it doesn't have the beach sands where you can spend a laid-back day! Don't worry we have got you covered. Here is a list of unknown Beaches near Pune apart from the usual Goa, Tarkarli blah and blah.

Most of these beaches near Pune have a peculiar black coloured soil. To add up to these unique clean beaches near Pune I have also mentioned interesting nearby Forts, Lighthouses and temples, which you may want to visit. I have also mentioned the fauna - birds, corals and turtles (also shells, pebbles and seafood) found at these beaches near Pune. Now you don't need to go anywhere else, this list contains all the beaches near Pune up to 200 km. It will take you straight from Pune to the nearest beach. Just grab your coffee or a drink, a pen and paper and start planning your trip!

I have classified the beaches near Pune from nearest to the farthest. All the distances are from Pune. Moreover, I have also jotted down the time required to reach these beaches (in the titles) for you to have smooth breezy weekends.

Best time to visit beaches near Pune

The best time to visit beaches near Pune in Maharashtra is winters ie Nov to Feb. In summers the heat and humidity get unbearable. But if you are up for it then you can surely give a try. In rainy seasons nature is beautiful but wild. It can be dangerous to venture out in the sea as raging storms make it unsafe. The winters in this tropical climate are mild, gentle and lovely. The boatsmen, activities, excursions and hotels near these beaches near Pune operate best in winters too. Read till the end to know about a beach that you must visit in summers ie Feb to May and why to visit it!

Black Sand Beaches

The beaches in Maharashtra have black sands as opposed to the golden sands of Goa. Everywhere around Alibaug and even to the south of Alibaug, the sea is great and the sands are stunningly black. There are numerous black sand beaches in India, and most of them belong to Maharashtra. The below mentioned black sand beaches near Pune, in India are the best places for a getaway near Pune. With a bright sunny day, blue water, these black sand beaches and greenery all around what more do you need for a weekend?

Beaches near Pune within 150km

I am starting my list with beaches near Pune which are at a stone's throw distance that is just around 150 km from Pune. If you are driving to these places it is around 3 to 4 hours of a scenic drive through the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. This means that you can complete the beach trip in one day itself.

It would be best to start early in the morning from Pune to beat the traffic on the road, especially on the weekends. No need to worry, there would be no crowds on these beaches near Pune. I have included only the cleanest, beautiful and isolated ones here. And, of course, the unknown and abandoned and undiscovered ones too.

If you are coming from outside or using public transport, you have to first come to Mumbai. Then take a shared cab to Alibaug and then take a rickshaw from there to any of these beaches. Beware of the fares and make sure to bargain them. Although I have mentioned about public transport the availability highly depends on the local events. It is best to have your own vehicle. If you love biking then you can have the best ride here.

Awas Beach (149 km 3h32m)

Awas Beach is one such abandoned beach a little farther from Alibaug. The water here is shallow and you can walk for up to 2 km with safety. The entrance to the beach can be confusing so take some help from the locals. It is lined with beautiful Suru trees which makes it very unique. There are hardly any vendors or street hawkers here. It is just you and the sea and some occasional tourist or local. If you look towards the north on a clear day you can see the queens necklace (Girgaon Chowpatty) or some of the buildings from Mumbai.

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