4 Best Places to Visit in France


4 Best Places to Visit in France

Photo of 4 Best Places to Visit in France by Jacob William

One of its kinds place, Arles is another attraction that one can watch while being on their France tours. Every year thousands of travellers from across the world apply for visa to france and go for journey to this beautiful city. The place was once served as the home of Vincent van Gogh who was an ace artist of his time. Today the place is located in the remote tranquillity whose historic beauty is yet to be explored by many. There are many historical Roman architectures that are the major tourist attraction of the place. The remains of the Roman Amphitheatre is one of the main attraction, today this amphitheatre is serving as the venue for bullfights, festival celebrations and other major special events of France. Classical Theatre, The Cryptoporticus, The Obelisk and the Church of Saint Trophime are some of the other major tourist attractions of Arles which are perfect example of Gallo-Roman architectural marvel.

Strasbourg is the capital city of Alsace in France and is located right on the border of France and Germany. Its location has made its more appealing. From the point of view of politics, the city plays a vital role as the Strasbourg is serving as the seat of European Parliament. There are many other European institution dwelling in the capital such as European Court of Human Rights and Council of Europe. If you really wish to enjoy this place to fullest, do visit its historic centre Grande Lle, which is a perfect blend of both French and German architectural style. Travellers here will love enjoying exploring museums, cafes, historic Gothic cathedral and many more places.

Lyon is featuring as the third largest city in France. This city is known for its rich history. Situated in east central France, Lyon is serving as the capital of Rhone department in the Rhone Alpes region. People who travel to this charming city have lots of things to explore right start from its glorious long history, gastronomic culture and excellent cultural scene. Places such as Presq’ile, Croix-Rousse are famous for its restaurants and bars and hidden passageways respectively. Roman ruin and Gothic churches of Fourviere and Tete d’Or Park of Brotteaux are other major attractions of the city.

Marseille is located off the southeast coast of France and is a major tourist hub. The city of Marseille is one of the oldest Europeans cities and is featuring as the second largest city in France. Known for its working culture due to the presence of several universities and industries Marseille has many tourist attractions boasting ruins of Roman architectures, architecture from medieval period and various cultural venues. The soothing climate of this city just adds value to your Europe tours. There is an old port in Marseille which is dominated by two historic forts which are the major tourist sports. There are many cafes, shops and bars in the harbour. Calanques are the best natural attraction of Marseille which has surprising blue water and huge limestone cliffs.

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