4 Reasons to visit Meghalaya, India


The magnificent northeast state, Meghalaya also referred as the ‘base of the clouds’, comprise of some incredible places to visit. This alluring state with its rolling, blooming hills, attractive winding roads running across quaint villages, plenty of waterfalls and fascinating indigenous culture has so much in store for every traveller!

For the ones who loves nature, this state will leave you spellbound with its unmatched natural glory.

Travel Tip: Simply drop your worries and take a bus when you are in Meghalaya and explore the impeccable beauty of the place. Convenient way to reach these alluring places is by opting for a bus. Buses are easy to book, especially when you can buy tickets online from redbus. This in turn saves your valuable time and simply enjoy your journey through the roads leading to pristine destination.

Discover the Asia’s Cleanest Village: This village holds picturesque natural beauty sights, a trek to the root bridge at a neighbouring village Riwai. The village also houses sight of natural balancing rock, an unusual natural phenomenon of a boulder balancing on another rock.

The Sacred Forest: The Mawphlang forest (sacred forest) is a notably tranquil place –few birds chirping is heard and practically no animals are spotted in this peaceful and beautiful location.

Cherrapunji (the wettest place on the globe): Cherrapunji witnesses the most rainfall on earth as per records. Indeed the verdant, calmly rolling hills bear testimony to the heavy rainfall. Visiting here one shall come across the greenest jungle, the elated and longest Indian plunge waterfalls, some of the most awe-striking and eco-friendly natural wonders.

Walking through the Clouds: While traveling amidst Shillong’s neighbouring areas, you will be frequently making your way through the clouds. The ever changing climate and endearing beauty will absorb you. One moment it’s foggy, next its clear then sunny scenery is almost normal in its every fluctuating nature.

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