4 SEO Hacks for the Online Retailers


When it comes to sales and purchases, the online domain is proliferating way faster than the offline competitors. If reports are to be believed, 40 percent of global users have made atleast one online purchase. The best part about online visibility is that even the smallest of businesses can start reaching thousands of customers— albeit with reliable SEO tactics and related techniques.

Starting an online business isn’t hard but growing the same is actually tough— courtesy the keenly contested market. While most businesses are striving hard to appear on the first page of Google, the quality of SEO is often compromised for quick recognition and more page views. However, maintaining the success is probably the toughest thing in the online arena and the search engine optimization techniques must be potent enough to initiate sales— the minute someone stumbles upon the landing page.

In the subsequent posts, we would be looking at 4 SEO strategies which can readily amplify online sales. The idea here is to appear on the first page as this area enjoys 95 percent of total search traffic. In addition to that, the CTR for the first 10 positions is almost 208 percent. This result suggests that people often visit any website more than two times— provided it is listed on the first page of Google.

The following SEO techniques can be used by both small and large businesses— regardless of the nature of products and services on offer. One simple, underlining strategy would be to show up on top of search rankings— leading towards greater traffic and improved sales.

Right Set of Keywords

While keyword stuffing has lived out its expectancy period, using a proper set of keywords is still of paramount importance. Be it image tags, headings or titles— keywords shouldn’t be overused but added in proper proportions. This way the concerned search engine can easily identify the product pages and drive traffic, accordingly.

The idea here is to be specific with the keywords. As an example, ‘iPhone cover’ sounds way too generic but ‘iPhone cover blue color’ is specific and narrows down searches to a greater extent. These are generally termed as long tail keywords and comprise of 3 to 5 words.

Unique and Original Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are very important when it comes to organic SEO strategies. Captivating captions and descriptions are required— mostly in a generic language that is easy to understand. Moreover, each and every description is one way of engaging the readers. For example, if a business deals with Kik usernames and other in-app purchases associated with the concerned application— a catchy description must be used which should necessarily incorporate the keyword and even specifics about the product or service.

Optimized Images

High quality images are imperative but optimization is often more important than their usage. Alternative texts should be clearly mentioned with each image as the former allows Google to index the same based on relevance.

The likes of WordPress and other similar website builders which support sales have integrated ALT text fields— precisely for the images. Most importantly, these texts should be synonymous to the associated keywords. Even if they aren’t replicas, the overall set of words should be similar to the long-tailed keywords or phrases.

Customer Reviews

Needless to say, content creation is an integral part of any SEO campaign and online retail is no different. However, the best way to get some user-generated content for the listed pages is to include a customer review section. It’s all about encouraging people to review the purchased products and services as it helps the website with the SEO footprint.

Moreover, reviews have a good impact on the sales revenue as prospective customers often read the same before making purchases as the former has the ability to influence decisions.


It can therefore be established that a robust SEO plan readily improves the website and allows it to stand out. While implementing SEO strategies is one of the first approaches towards improving search rankings, businesses need to update the plugins and the existing ideas for offering the best possible retail experience to the customers.

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