4 Things to Do in Minneapolis on Vacation


There are plenty of activities to get involved with during a multi-day visit to Minneapolis on vacation. It really depends on whether you’re traveling alone, with your romantic partner, or as a family with one or more young children coming along. We’ve selected a few different things to consider, so some will surely match your interests or those of the people you plan to bring with you on the trip to MN.

Photo of Minneapolis, MN, United States by Laura O. Tolentino

Here are four things to do in Minneapolis when vacationing.

Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo is a great visit for adults, as a couple or with kids in tow. Both the Amur Tiger and the Amur Leopard make foreboding figures, looking majestic and fearsome in their orange stripes or spotted coat, and with ever watchful eyes. Bird lovers will enjoy catching a glimpse of Baer’s Pochard and the Bali Mynah for their distinctive appearances. The imposing Caribou and Canadian Lynx are not often seen outside of certain hunting grounds, so it’s a pleasure to see them relaxing, unthreatened at the zoo.

There’s also plenty of exotic water life to look at and work out what they are. The Southern Stingray often steals the show with its size and wingspan, but several types of friendly shark may just surprise you when their jaw opens eagerly in celebration of your arrival…

Mall of America

The Mall of America almost needs no introduction. It was first opened in 1992 and was the largest mall of its kind at the time. There is so much shopping to be done with over 500 stores that you’ll be spoiled for choice. Everything from Bloomingdales to designer stores to restaurants and cafés are all catered for here. The hardest thing about a visit to the Mall of America is either running out of credit or getting lost!

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

When wanting to combine different activities into a single location, the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is an interesting choice. You may not get as eclectic a mix of animals and wildlife at this zoo, but you can also enjoy an impressive selection of gardens, some fun rides for the kids (and big kids), and several themed stores to pick up a few mementos of the trip. Also, there’s a golf course, a swimming pool, and one for the kiddies, a lakeside to relax, boating trips, and more.

With a visit to Como, there are so many different activities nearby that you have to plan your day because it’s impossible to fit them all in on a single visit.

Vacation rental management MN makes it easy if you own a vacation rental property in the area, so return trips to the Zoo are easier to arrange in between happy vacation tenants.

Mill City Museum

The Mill City Museum features the ruins of a flour mill that at one time was the largest in the world. The museum runs one-day courses on the flour industry and provides insights to school children, young visitors, and parents alike who wish to learn more about this building block of many tasty food dishes. Anyone who has expressed an interest in being a chef would find this a suitable foundation to expand their initial interest.

A visit to Minneapolis is a fun packed one that has many choices of things to do. There’s a wonderful mix of culture, history, big entertainment complexes, intimate little cafés, shopping malls, and everything in between. It’s so good, you’ll never want to leave.

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