5 Best Cities to Visit as Soon as Possible


Pistoia, Italy

Called the ‘little Florence’ for its architecture and concentration of art, Pistoria is a dream Tuscany destination. 

Ohrid, Macedonia

Transformed from Macedonia’s religious center to its busiest holiday resort, Ohrid's beaches are really pleasant. Macedonia is often an underestimated destination so why not check it out this year.

Lisbon, Portugal

Museums, bars, good weather, entertainment, history, culture... Lisbon has it all and is waiting to be explored by you!

Los Angeles, USA

The City of angles is not just Hollywood, red carpets and celebrities... It's becoming a cultural center... and, of course, you can always enjoy sunny beaches... California, here we come!


London's weather may be the worst, but London's entertainment and culture are the best. The city's got all you could want. 

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