5 Best Places for Bungee Jumping in the World

Photo of 5 Best Places for Bungee Jumping in the World by Sandy N Vyjay

You take a deep breath and with a silent prayer plunge into the yawning space below. You feel the air rushing past as gravity works its magic and you plummet down at a crazy speed. In no time you feel the recoil of the rope attached to you and you find yourself flying upwards. This is Bungee jumping, probably one of the most thrilling of adventure sports and the favourite of adventure junkies. Bungee Jumping has come a long way since 1979 when three men jumped of the 250 feet Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England. After the excitement of the jump the three men had to cool their heels behind bars. Today Bungee Jumping is a legal and widely accepted adventure activity which is done under the most stringent safety norms. If you are passionate about adventure sports and the kind who does not settle for anything but the best, then here are 5 best places for Bungee Jumping in the World.

Macau Tower in Macau

Photo of Macau by Sandy N Vyjay

Glitzy Macau, the home of glittering casinos and a place that has been dubbed as the Las Vegas of the east is also the place where you can do the highest Bungee jump in the world. Macau Tower which looms high in the area and can be seen from where is a great place to get breathtaking views and is also a place where you can jump from a height of 233 metres. The Bungee Jump at the Macau Tower is set up by A.J. Hackett the man who conceptualized and implemented organized Bungee Jumping in the world. Nothing can beat the thrill of Bungee Jumping from a place which holds the Guinness World Record for the highest commercial Bungee Jump.

Verzasca Dam, Switzerland

Photo of Switzerland by Sandy N Vyjay

If you fancy yourself as James Bond or are a die-hard fan of Agent 007 then a Bungee Jump at the Verzasca Dam is definitely something you would love to do. The Dam has featured in the James Bond thriller Goldeneye and also has a 220 metre Bungee Jump. Another unique feature of this Bungee Jump is the fact that this is probably the only one where you can jump in the dead of night and the cover of darkness. Heights and darkness make for a very challenging combination and hence the jump is definitely not for the frail hearted.

Bloukrans River Bridge, South Africa

Photo of South Africa by Sandy N Vyjay

Wildlife is what immediately springs to mind when you hear “South Africa”. But South Africa also has the highest commercial Bridge Bungee Jump in the world. The Bungee Jump is done from the bridge that spans the Bloukrans river and stands at a height of 216 metres. This is the place which has seen quite a number of records made and broken. A man named Bill Boshoff did 101 Bungee Jumps from the Bloukrans bridge in 14 hours and 23 minutes which was a world record for the most number of Bungee Jumps in 24 hours till the year 2008 when it was broken.

Rio Grande Bridge, Mexico

Photo of Mexico by Sandy N Vyjay

As you jump from 206 metres at the Rio Grande Bridge, you cannot but help noticing the stunning and spectacular views stretching out below you. The river gorge looks really inviting as bend and let yourself go hurtling into space. The Bungee Jump at the Rio Grande is one of the most scenic ones and the location has featured in many movies too.

Europabrucke Bridge, Austria

Photo of Austria by Sandy N Vyjay

Situated in the beautiful environs of Innsbruck, surrounded by mountains, this is another scenic Bungee Jump that lures thousands of adventure enthusiasts. The Bungee Jump is from a height of 192 metres. As you are poised to jump, you take in the exhilarating views and when you jump the exhilaration goes to a different level altogether as you reach a speed of 100 Kms./Hr in a matter of 2 seconds which reaches to 124 Kms./Hr. For a matter of 5 seconds you will experience how it feels like to be a bird.

If you want to conquer your fears and challenge yourself then these amazing Bungee Jumping locations are beckoning you to take the ultimate leap of faith.

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