5 Days Trip Without A Single Penny

21st Apr 2016
Day 1
Time 04:45am
Seating on stairS of bus ????????did not get seat,nevva mind i can manage✌️
Feeling sleepy ????
Time 10am
Day -3rd Place-sendhwa(MP)
I was so tired in morning because i did not slip whole night,reached sendhwa village its in west south madhyapradesh
When i saw small school in sendwa i went inside campus and asked teachers to give me some place to sleep,i told them that im so tired i did not sleep whole night and as they were teacher they started asking me questions wt do u do ,where gng etc and finally they provide me a bunk ???????? and told their small students to shift my bunk in peaceful place
I took bath in open area
Used hand-pump????
I got pretty good sleep ????
Yes and attended gram panchayat meeting ???????? lucky me ???????? had namkin in breakfast ???? left for the rest journey
Photo of 5 Days Trip Without A Single Penny by Khushal Rathod