5 Important tips for Travelling in Flight | Navneeth Venkatesh


1. Beginner's tip : For those people who are excited that they are going to travel by flight in the near future, this one is for you : Opt for Middle row seat or 3rd seat for the journey in order to avoid fear of heights and nervousness, once you just get accustomed and gained confidence in traveling in flights after 3-4 times then opt for window seat.

2. Window seat obsession : We always have obsession in sitting at the window seat while travelling to see what is outside but in terms of flight we get the seat details only after we check-in at the airport, we might run out of luck once we find out that all the window seats are packed; still you can see the outside world by opting for Middle row seat. Middle row seats might not have the same luxury of the window seat but it will promise you to get a chance to view outside.

3. Taking Photos in Fish Eye Mode : Taking Photos of the cloud, the sky will always be an exciting thing, another way of making it more exciting is taking the Photos through Fish Eye Mode which is ideal for taking photos of the sky, cloud etc Thanks to its zoom at the heart of the subject. check out your camera or Phone to see whether you have fish eye mode or not.

4. Always arrive at the Airport 1-1.5 hours before Boarding time : Which means you should arrive 2 hours before departure time; Here Boarding time is 1 hour behind departure time, and therefore in order to avoid rush in security checks and check- in Counter in the last minutes, so it is advisable to come 1 hour earlier before boarding time.

5. Foods are costly at airports : It is not Suprising about the fact that Food items are indeed costly at airports and also in flights so it is advisable to not to eat in the food joints at airport, because the same quantity which is available at lower price is sold at the airport for a higher price and therefore it is not worthy to buy, Unless if you are dont mind about spend some extra amount or you are really hungry. Vending Machines can be utilized instead for cheap foods.

Note : Some of the important tips might or might not be useful in terms of international departures.

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