5 Kerala Beaches you shouldn't miss to go

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Known as “God’s Own Country”, Kerala has a lot of distinctive features that makes it one of the best tourist’s destinations for Beach Holidays. If you are planning for a vacation and especially Beach Holidays then Kerala should be on your list. We are mentioning here the best six Kerala Beaches which you must visit to make some memories.

Being the most renowned beaches of the Kerala this shoreline has three famous beaches that are regularly alluded to as one. The main attractions are the Hawa Beach (also known as the Eve's Beach), the Light House Beach and the third beach, Samudra Beach is the calm spot from the tourism point of view. Kovalam Beach is amongst the most developed shorelines of Kerala. Sunbathing, sailboat rides, sunset viewing, swimming are the significant exercises on this spot.

1.Varkala Beach

Among the top picks of Beach Holidays in Kerala, this is a wonderful Beach of Varkala. The primary Beach is known as the Papanasam Beach. The Beaches here at Varkala are isolated into the two sections, Northern territory, and the southern range. The southern range prompts a Hindu sanctuary while the Northern territory is the principle traveler spot. There is another little Beach, called as the Black Beach because of the dark sand on the shoreline.

2.Alappuzha Beach

Called as 'The Venice of the East' by travelers everywhere throughout the world, Alappuzha Beach is acclaimed for its pontoon races, backwater, and beautiful Beach spot. At Alappuzha, you can spend Beach holidays in a houseboat voyage. Alappuzha Beach additionally has an old lighthouse which makes it interesting for the guests. One can likewise observe the vestiges of the Alappuzha Sea Bridge, a critical port of Kerala in the past days.

3.Kappil Beach

A detached shoreline is currently drawing travelers from the angering surge of the urban areas.Kappil Beach is close to unexplored places and to be popularized soon. The place is perfect for couples, masterminds, writers and any individual who is looking for isolation. The grand excellence of the shoreline is the end goal that any number of words expounded on it won't be sufficient to portray the embodiment of the place.

4.Chavakkad Beach

The amazing palms, the quiet waters, the long coastline and generally less swarmed, is the thing that characterizes the Chavakkad Beach in the Thrissur region. In spite of the fact that the place is well known among local people and the general population in the neighboring towns, it is as yet a quiet tourist place. The shoreline is acclaimed for the estuary that could be seen converging with the waterways making it a great pleasure to see the manifestations of nature.

5.Cherai Beach

Cherai shoreline is well known for the backwaters converging with the ocean. The Cherai Beach is an interesting place and is known for its multi-tinted shells that can undoubtedly be found on the shoreline. Since the water at Cherai Beach generally has low tides it is additionally simple to swim. The Cherai Beach is one of the top choices in the state and that too for the correct reasons.

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