5 Kinds of Trips You Take Based on the People You Go With.


The Soulful Solo

Why soulful? How does everyone suddenly find themselves after going on a trip for two days while you haven't figured out a thing in the past four years?

It's been three days in Goa and I've survived without talking much to anyone I met (at least while I was sober). So this morning, I struck up a conversation with the person sitting beside me for breakfast. He asked me a few personal questions, all of which I answered promtly. I'm Callie, from Bangalore. I'm an interior designer. I love to travel, read books and I'm here because I wanted to escape from the city life.

All lies.

I'm not from Bangalore, it's been only three years here. I'm a student of engineering freelancing as an interior designer. This is my first solo trip, which I took only because I wanted to getaway from the latest ongoing breakup. Also, I haven't read a complete book since I passed tenth!

But just those three lines I spoke about myself showed me who I wanted to be.

The Premature Honeymoon

Honeymoon? What are you saying? We haven't thought about marriage. We aren't even that serious. We're just two adults who like to travel and hence do so together.

But it sure is fun sneaking around and finding spots to make out in this super crowded country. Sometime back we took our first trip to Kerala to check out the Biennale. I like malayalees. They're sweet. But they do stare a lot. However, there was a pyramid maze at Aspin Wall. And although every artwork and installation seemed very dark and depressing, we were still grateful for it.


Take a trip with your man and his best friend who is also secretly in love with you and voila! You get the perfect story line for the next Bollywood movie. Just make it colorful. Who cares about the story anyway?

The Impossible All-girls Trip

Yes, we almost always end up choosing our men over our friends (Sisterhood is very weak here). And if not, it's either Dad's no or Mom's emotional blackmailing. The farthest we've made to is the nearest KFC.

Although I have traveled with just one bestie at a time, I guess I prefer the scene where we get an exorbitant amount of food and vent about life instead of facing more adversities and realizing that we're very different people and should reconsider being best friends.

The Time You Got Lost in the Family Noise

Me: Dad, I'm tried of us staying in the same place. Let's please go somewhere. We all need a change.

Dad: Okay, let's go to the beach.

Me: We always go to the beach let's go somewhere else.

Dad: Okay, we'll go to that temple which Ragu told me about. It's very beautiful apparently. Okay, okay, okay. Get ready fast. We're going there only. It's not too far also.

Mom: Yeah, let's call Ragu and family too! It'll be so much fun.

At the temple

Dad: Look at the intricate architecture! Imagine the amount of effort gone into its making. If you would put 10% the effort, you could easily pass the 9 arrears.

Mom: Sigh! It's all my fault. I should have raised you better. What did I know? I was only 21 when I got married and 22 when I got you! You're 22 now and you don't even wash your own clothes. Look at you, you overgrown tree!

And it goes on..

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