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There's no denying that Southeast Asia is one of the most popular regions of the world for travellers. With such luscious scenery, warm climates and rich cultures, it's no wonder so many people flock there in their masses year after year. But have you considered heading off the beaten track and visiting some lesser-known spots? Here are five Southeast Asia destinations you may want to add to your 'to-visit' list:

Sumatra, Indonesia

Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Bagan, Myanmar

Rivalling Angkor Wat in terms of historical relevance, Myanmar's Bagan is one of Southeast Asia's hidden treasures. Dozens of temples stand majestically in the midst of lush greenery, most of which UNESCO have restored - considering the size of the area, a sprawling, 26-mile plain, the restoration was no mean feat. Bagan is just one indicator of Myanmar's religious and historical significance, suggesting it has been unfairly overlooked as a potential destination so far. Perhaps it's because of how remote it is - with limited phone signal, some travel restrictions, few ATMs, and limited credit card facilities throughout the majority of Bagan. It's not the easiest place to stay, but that creates an authentic adventure you likely won't find anywhere else. Culturally rich and untouched by the effects of tourism, it could definitely be one of your favourite escapes.

Chiang Rai, Thailand

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Hue, Vietnam

Known for being the , Sites such as the Citadel and the capital of the Nguyen emperors Vietnam's Hue was once war-stricken by the American War . The city thrives today despite its still evident scars. culturally Perfume River make for a historically important trip .

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