5 Most Relaxing Beaches of Fuerteventura

18th Nov 2016
Photo of 5 Most Relaxing Beaches of Fuerteventura 1/6 by Lily Berns

The length of Fuerteventura’s coastline is 340 km. Among them, about 100 km are occupied by beautiful beaches. Beaches of Fuerteventura are the main wealth of the island attracting thousands of those who want to enjoy full relaxation under the gentle Spanish sun. And not without a reason. Fuerteventura’s beaches are considered to be the best on the Canary Islands: wide and deserted, not too deep, but incredibly transparent and clean.

So, if you’re dreaming of a quiet beach holiday, like to lie on the warm sand and listen to the sound of the blowing surf - the beaches of Fuerteventura is what you definitely need. Generally, there are several dozens of beaches on the island, but we’ve carefully selected the best of the best ones, and you can find them right now in the following list…

1. Sotavento Beach

Sotavento is a real pearl in a huge ‘beach collection’ of Fuerteventura. Stretching from the city of Morro Jable to Costa Calma, it’s the longest beach of the island. Officially, Sotavento is divided into three beaches – Butihondo, Matorral and Sotavento, but in fact they are separated only formally. So, you can walk along the coastline without seeing any visible boundaries between the beaches.

A significant part of Sotavento Beach is protected from strong waves by long sandbanks. In addition, the central part of the beach is protected from the wind making sunbathing especially comfortable.

Generally, beaches located near the hotels are relatively busy. However, it’s possible to find more secluded spots in case you want to relax away from prying eyes.

Sotavento is also one of the most popular destinations among surfers. Like many other beaches of Fuerteventura, it’s marked by a ‘blue flag’.

Beach length: 30km

Coordinates: 28.165960, -14.218292

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2. Playa Cofete

Cofete is one of the most famous and wildest beaches of Fuerteventura. It starts from the ominously-looking Roque del Moro in the south and stretches to the small El Islote peninsula. Eastern tip of Cofete without visible boundaries smoothly flows into the coast of Barlovento, and together they form almost 15-kilometers long sandy beach. This is quite a deserted beach giving the opportunity to really feel the loneliness. The weather is always windy there, so swimming is not very comfortable due to the strong waves and underwater currents.

By the way, you can reach Playa Cofete only by car overcoming the mountain range along a narrow winding road. With the exception of a small village of several houses, there are no any populated areas on this stretch of coastline.

Beach length: 15km

Coordinates: 28.114955, -14.374227

Photo of 5 Most Relaxing Beaches of Fuerteventura 3/6 by Lily Berns

3. Playa Corralejo

In the north of Fuerteventura you’ll find a chain of white-sand beaches and turquoise water – this is the coast of Corralejo. Playa Corralejo is the place where everyone can enjoy the sea and sun. This cozy beach is easily accessible and guarantees safe swimming. Its turquoise water is so calm that it may seem that you are swimming in the outdoor pool. Peace and quiet are the main features of this beach.

The southern part of Corralejo is declared a nature park and considered to be the most amazing beach of the island. With its huge sand dunes of white sand, Corralejo looks fantastically beautiful. Speaking of the infrastructure, the beach offers several dozens of hotels, restaurants and different entertainment facilities.

Beach length: 10km

Coordinates: 28.726471, -13.853672

Photo of 5 Most Relaxing Beaches of Fuerteventura 4/6 by Lily Berns

4. El Castillo Beach

El Castillo is a quiet and wide sandy beach situated in Caleta de Fuste - the eastern part of Fuerteventura. This is safe spot to relax with the whole family enjoying soft white sand and a calm sea protected by the bay.

Owing to the presence of wide variety of such amenities as rental hammocks and parasols, parking, bus stop, taxi, the promenade with restaurants and hotels, the shopping center, El Castillo beach is especially popular among families with children. And thanks to the proximity to the marina, you can enjoy there windsurfing, diving, fishing and even swim with sea lions.

Beach length: 750 m

Coordinates: 28.394551, -13.859406

Photo of 5 Most Relaxing Beaches of Fuerteventura 5/6 by Lily Berns

5. Esquinzo Beach

Esquinzo Beach is a unique and wild place, perfectly suitable for surfers, as well as all for all fans of peace, sea and sun. This beach is truly a sunny paradise. Esquinzo, which is situated in the municipality of La Oliva, is not the most popular beach among tourists, but this spot stands out from all the beaches of the island. Black volcanic sand, smoothly turning into golden color, natural swimming pools and amazingly clear ocean water – what else do you need for an excellent Spanish weekend?

The path to this incredible beach passes through the spectacular deep chasm. Like a river bed, this beach is fascinating for its plain situated behind the rocks. The full contrast is enhanced among the dark rocks and three huge mountains of pure sand created by the wind. Esquinzo Beach is an unusual spot where you can experience complete freedom and feel closer to the nature.

Beach length: 2 km

Coordinates: 28.069910, -14.305192

Photo of 5 Most Relaxing Beaches of Fuerteventura 6/6 by Lily Berns

So, are you ready for a full relaxation? Then set off to any of the above-mentioned Fuerteventura’s beaches, which will provide you the most exciting emotions. By the way, we recommend you to use a rental car on Fuerteventura, because it’s just impossible to reach some interesting destinations of the island without a vehicle.

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