5 Must-Visit Maharashtra Tourist Places In Summer

Photo of 5 Must-Visit Maharashtra Tourist Places In Summer by Prathamesh Avachare

Someone has rightly titled Maharashtra as the 'Gateway to the heart of India.' Maharashtra is spacious than majority of the states in country as well as blessed with some really scenic views, credits to the beauty of western ghats it is surrounded with. As far tourism in Maharashtra is concerned, then you won't be disappointed with the variety of attractions here and what adds to the overall experience is the diversifying culture people follow in the different regions of the state. I have compiled a list of 5 must-visit Maharashtra tourist places in summer if you're planning a trip to Maharashtra during your summer vacations.

Located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, the town of Malvan is generally known for its historical Sindhudurg fort but not many of them are well-aware of it's beautiful beaches, unruffled backwaters and exhilarating adventure boulevards which makes it an ideal summer getaway destination. If you are someone who loves water sports to the core like us then let us tell you that Malvan is one of the most sorted destination for doing water sports in Maharashtra!

This prepossessing hill-station in southern Maharashtra, which is also the final hill-station before the commencement of Goa's coastal highlands is a tailor-made destination for people seeking peace and relaxation amidst their hectic life. May it be admiring the beauty of the Amboli falls or capturing the perfect shot at the sunset point, every path of Amboli is bound to provide you a heavenly experience.

A beach town located on the shores of Arabian Sea, Kashid is way too convenient to reach if you are somewhere around Mumbai. With white sands, crystal clear seas, panoramic mountain views and paddy fields, Kashid will serve you the best of natural beauty if you are a shutterbug like us. As it receives a heavy rainfall every year, summer is the best time to visit and explore it's beauty, according to us.

An eco-friendly hill-station situated at a height of 2636 ft. Above the sea level and accompanied with the breathtaking views of Maharashtra's Western Ghat mountain range, Matheran is often covered with the blanket of greenery. The pleasing atmosphere here will always keep you charged and energetic whereas the delightful views of nature will keep you on your feet throughout your stay here.

Located in the southeast of Mumbai and mainly known as the Table Land, Panchgani consists of many superb green valleys, which assures a free-flowing breeze all the time. The intact Indian and British remains also adds makes it a historically rich land and adds a whole new perspective to it. We would recommend you to visit the Sydney Point, Kamalgad Fort and Rajpuri Caves here to make the most of your holiday experience.

Maharashtra is definitely one of those place which you will feel a lot more comfortable as tourist. Also, the full-fledged facilities and amenities here will never leave you stranded anywhere in the middle. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Maharashtra right away!


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