5 Must Visit places In India before it Vanishes


India is globally celebrated for its unparallel and extraordinary landscapes, surreal natural views, architectural masterpiece and beautiful blend of culture and tradition. Tourist and travelers from the different confront of the world come here to witness the exceptionally astonished destinations in India. But unfortunately these magnetizing destinations are losing their shines due to various natural and human factors. So before these unique and unmatched destination become histories you should bring yourself to these places.


The north-east region of India is known to be situated in the lap of mother-nature and is present in the wish list of every traveler for its breathtaking and surreal views. One such attraction of this region is ‘Majuli’ the world’s largest river island in Assam. Majuli which is nestled along the mighty Brahmaputra, flaunt for its vibrant colors and serene scenes. The island which is standing with the time is under threat of extinction due to serious land erosion and fiasco flood. The total area has been reduced to 421sq km in past few years affecting the biodiversity and population of the region. Changed lifestyle and commercialization also contribute towards the destruction of the place.The island is moving at an alarming rate toward the destruction and in coming few years the island will mere remain in the books and google images.

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Sundarbans are the reserved biospheres and a National park in the West Bengal, is declared as a world Heritage site by UNESCO. Sundarban enjoys the tag of being the wonders of nature and showcase the unique mangroves forest and sing its praises with the rich flora and fauna. Sundarban is the biggest example of ecological processes but due to change in environmental conditions several species of animals and plants are on the verge of extinction. Soil erosion, floods, hunting, poaching, and exploitation of the natural resources are being the thin on the ground for the deterioration of the Sundarban forest.

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The 5000 years old Harrapa Civilization, one of the oldest and beautiful civilization of the world has its part in Hisar district of Haryana. Rakhigarhi an outskirt village of Haryana is a strange witness of the Indus valley civilization with the artifacts and bones found during the excavation. However the carelessness of the government and communities has led to the devastation of the site which has a very deep historical importance. The way the site is being neglecting that day is not so remote when the place will become constricted in the pages of books and browser.

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4. Ram Setu

Ram Setu is a natural bridge connecting the coast of Tamil Nadu to the island of Shri Lanka with limestone shoals. Legend goes that the bridge was constructed by the ‘Vanar sena’ of Lord Ram to rescue his wife Sita from Shri Lanka. The presence of the floating stones makes the place mysterious and religious at the same time. However most of the stones have been immersed into the water but some are still visible. Before it become completely submerged into the water you should paln a trip for Ram Setu.

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5. Jaisalmer Fort , Rajasthan

Also known as ‘Sone ka Quila’, Jaisalmer fort is the largest fort with Indian blend of architecture in the world. Standing in the middle of the sandy stretches of Thar Desert, the fort has withstand the test of time . The magnificent style of the fort attract ton of tourist every year but the change in the climatic condition due to global warming and human interferences has made the fort to fall weak. Water drainage and seeping has a become serious issue for the fort resulted in the destruction of 85 structures of the fort.

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So before these places become the destination of the ‘good old days’ and become a part of story you should plan a trip to these places .

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