5 Of the Most Underrated Travel Gear Items


For those who love traveling, the whole world is the land of the traveller. They want to travel to all different countries and explore everything what nature has to offer. These travellers always travel with essential travel gear. Everyone speaks about the Swiss Army Knife, pen knife, travel blankets, travel pillows, noise cancelling head phones, kindle and many other technical gadgets. There are many travel items that are very important and most of us take them for granted and hence they are underrated. Given below are 5 of the most underrated travel gear items which the avid traveller will always carry along:

Eye Mask: This is a very important travel accessory. Get a good quality eye mask that stops light completely from entering. The eye mask will help you get a good sleep while traveling on planes or other forms of transport. In fact, in planes you will find that the flight attendant will not disturb you once you wear an eye mask. I like to think without getting disturbed and hence even if I do not want to sleep I usually wear an eye mask. Eye masks can easily be carried by just folding it and putting it in your pocket or in your bag.

Ear Plugs: Many people need ear plugs. If for one cannot board a flight without one. I sometimes get a jarring sound in my ear and sometimes I get severe aches in my head, ear and even my eye. But by wearing ear plugs, I minimize the sound and I am usually able to travel without any problems. Though this is very essential you will rarely find it in the list of travel gear items.

Compression Socks: This is for both men and women. Whenever I travel for long distances or if I sit for a long period of time my feet get swollen. Compression socks help in proper blood flow and this keeps your feet from getting swollen. Additionally they also keep your feet warm. It is a must for every traveller but is usually overlooked when listing out essential travel gear.

Luggage Scale: An oft forgotten tool which is very essential in this day and age. Every flight allows a limited amount of weight that can be carried and if it is more then you need to pay and more often than not you will be paying a lot. But if you have a luggage scale you can keep your luggage weight within permissible limits. I have felt the need for a luggage scale a lot of times when my baggage weight has overshot the limits and I have had to pay money. Once I just removed a few items and threw them in the airport dustbin as it was a cheaper option. A must for every traveller.

Name Tag: Have you ever had your luggage misplaced by the airline. I have had my luggage misplaced and I will tell you that it is a very bad experience. My luggage had gone to another destination and it came back only the next day. With name tags it becomes easier for even the airline to locate your luggage. Also with tags it becomes easier for you to locate your bag when it is in the baggage reclaim area at airports.

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