5 Places Every Coffee Lover Must Visit in 2019

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Wake Up and Smell the Filter Kaapi!

My mornings remain foggy until I have a cup of fragrant coffee. This cup kick-starts my day like nothing else. Love of coffee inspired many of my travels in Southern India including several repeat trips to Coorg. Here's five destinations that are on my 2019 travel wishlist.

Travel Tip: Coffee season starts in February and the coffee plants are in blossom with tiny white flowers everywhere. By November, the fruits are ripe for picking. So plan your coffee trails as per the season.

1. Coorg (Kodagu)

Endless stretches of coffee beans drying in the sun, the tiny white blossoms on deep green leaves, and the in-season coffee shop fragrance that follows you everywhere - Coorg is the coffee lover's ultimate destination. I have been to the emerald green hills of Coorg many a time, and still the heart wants more.

Here monsoon-fed coffee grows in the shade of Rosewood, Jackfruit, and Wild Fig trees draped with pepper vines. The mild and fragrant coffee grown here is famous world-over and considered the finest mild coffee.

If you are traveling for the coffee make sure you stay in a plantation with a view of coffee shrubs. Curl up on a sofa and read book, with coffee breaks and delectable Coorgi cuisine.

Great coffee plantation stays in Coorg:

Tata Coffee's Plantation Trails

Silver Brook Estate

Casa Coorg

Victorian Verandaz Homestays

2. Chikmagalur

Karnataka accounts for 70% of India's production of Arabica and Robusta varieties. And much of this is grown in the hills of Chikmagalur. It is the first place where coffee was grown in India. With strong coffee, cosy homestays, the flight of hornbills, and cicadas chirping at night Chikmagalur is exactly what a coffee lover wants. 

If lazing around gets too slow for you, then there are some of the best trekking routes here including the famous Hubli Railway Trek.

Great coffee plantation stays in Chikmagalur:

Flameback Lodges

Mookanana Resort

Stone Valley Resort

Ibbani Resort

Makki Thitta

3. Wayanad

This Malabar hill station is dotted with affordable homestays as well as some luxurious resorts for all coffee lovers. You can explore the lush green Western Ghats, waterfalls, and many viewpoints around. Wayanad is one place where you can see coffee and tea plantations next to each other! Visit during November and December to go berry picking.

For a break from coffee plantation exploration, go rafting in Kuruva Dweep river or hike up to Edakkal caves.

Great coffee plantation stays in Wayand:

Pepper Trails

Wayanad Coffee Mist Resort

Coffee Trail Resort

4. Araku

The mesmerising Ananthagiri Hills in Araku Valley have miles and miles of coffee plantations. Though not as well known as the plantations of Karnataka, the coffee here has a unique bold taste suitable for strong brews.

Most of the tribes of Araku valley find employment in these plantations, which are famous for their organic farming techniques. Go on one of the many its pesticide-free plantation tours and try the famous Araku Emerald which is made by the local tribes.

Visit the thematic Araku Valley Coffee Museum for an overview of coffee making as well as its history in India.

Araku valley is still quite pristine and it is difficult to find luxury resorts and plantation stays. Instead, book a tent in Camp Fever and enjoy the starlight in this beautiful valley.

Or, you could stay at the functional Haritha Valley Resort.

5. Yercaud

The gentle hills of Yercaud, with picturesque coffee and orange plantations is a charming place for a weekend visit. It is home to the first Indian-owned coffee plantation, MSP Coffee.

It's called the Jewel of the Eastern Ghats for a reason. This small hill station in Tamil Nadu still holds on to its former English Colony charms. It is the perfect place to curl up and read a book, go for a boat ride on the lake, or just sip coffee by a bonfire on a cold evening.

Best plantation stay in Yercaud:

Glenrock Estates

This coffee plantation, which also doubles up as a homestay, is a the best place to stay if you want to be where the coffee is. They have both luxury accommodations as well as dorms.

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