5 Reasons to plan your next vacation NOW!


Being an active member on all social media platforms, I have come to realize that one of the most trending hashtags across all media is #travel. Now, why is everybody obsessing over the thought of holidays across boundaries, and vacations at exotic places? 

I myself being bitten by the travel bug, truly understand the importance and thrill of travelling. More than a physical experience, the best trips often end up changing a person's perspective and way of life. I also believe that it is the travel experiences and stories that define a person as he grows old. When I sit with my grandparents and hear them talk about all the places they have been to, I realize how simple the joys of travelling are. Over the years, I have learnt that for a person to really grow, it is important for them to travel. But, in case you are still wondering why are people so passionate about exploring places, here's a post to provide you an insight into a young person's thoughts about travelling!

Before you start, here's a little heads up- travelling isn't restricted to specific kind of people, it has something for all. So, read on!

Historical Delights

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Every city of the world has a story to tell. Be it the architecture of Rome or the palaces of Udaipur, there's a rather interesting history to it. And while you might read about all this in school, travelling to these places and a hands on experience will increase your interest by tenfold. So whether you are an avid traveller or a history fanatic, the world has numerous treasures for you!

Surprising Differences

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Gustave Flaubert has very rightly said, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

That being said, no two destinations will ever be identical. All places will have their own culture, beliefs and attractions (not all of which you'll like!). Even things as small as hand gestures vary across the globe! But then, isn't that what exploring places is all about? As you go across countries you'll realize how vast the world is and the endless experiences it has to offer.

Unexpected Friendships

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When you are travelling to a new land, you are bound to interact with the native people. And however hesitant you might be, all you have to do is smile politely and say the first hello! And soon you will realize people all around the world are just the same; all they need is a little love and laughter. Once you push yourself to interact, you will soon learn that everybody has a story to tell. You might just start a lifelong friendship with someone you just met. Isn't the thought absolutely amazing?

Challenges Your Comfort-Zones

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The idiom- When in Rome, do as the Romans do, is a perfect reminder of how to behave in foreign territory. The plus side of abiding by the behaviour and rules of the new place is that more often than not, you'll be forced to try things that lie out of your comfort zone. Be it a traditional cuisine or a way of dressing! 

You can't expect your destination to adapt to your needs, but it is when you become flexible and adapt to the surroundings and culture of the place that you become easy going. And well, we all know the best things happen when we push ourselves out of our cozy comfort zone, right?!

Lessons For A Lifetime

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I believe, even a short trip to a faraway land can end up teaching you so much. Travelling is always accompanied by free life lessons. You could easily learn numerous things when holidaying and relaxing in a totally unfamiliar environment. You learn that however old you are, you can still be a newbie at various activities. Travelling then gives you an opportunity to try new things and to learn as you go. And learning things through such an experience is definitely one of life's simplest joys.

Do you not agree with me now? Adding to the above mentioned list you also learn to face your fears and evolve as a person (mentally and physically). If it hadn't been for travelling, the World would have been such a dull place! Furthermore, travel does not only mean planning vacations out of the country, one could easily start by covering areas in their own homeland. So, what are you waiting for?

I urge you to start working on your new adventure and invest a little in travel, today! I can assure you, it'll help you create unimaginable memories and the trip will stay in your heart forever. If not for anything else, travel to feel an adrenaline rush, travel to learn and discover new things, and travel for all the happiness and joy it will get you!

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