5 Reasons why Goa can be your ideal Wedding Destination


Are you planning for Goa destination wedding? There are many resorts in Goa near Anjuna Beach that can serve as a perfect wedding hall. The picturesque wedding-by-the-sea is a popular fantasy, and you can make it come true. There are also several banquet halls that will also serve your purpose. Here’s why you should choose this beautiful coastal state for your wedding.

• You saw it in a movie

The cinematic arts have inspired fantasies for years, and the wedding by the sea is one of them. You will be treated to an unforgettable experience to get married against the oceanic backdrop.

• Lose the ruckus

City weddings turn into quite the loud affair and half of which are dominated by the blaring of vehicle horns and engines. Wouldn’t you rather prefer a quieter ambience to spend the most romantic evening of your life?

• Fantasy to reality

A wedding in the lap of nature gives you the chance to take matters into your own hand and organize it to your whims. You get to choose the location, the guests, the décor, and the ceremony – everything if you wish it.

• Lavish but economical

Considering what you get, the amount you spend is quite economical when you think about it. There are professional wedding planners who can get everything sorted out for you without a hassle.

• Step out of the wedding and into your honeymoon

You don’t have to go too far away for your honeymoon. Goa is also considered as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world.

There are several resorts in Goa which is one of the more popular tourist destinations. If you prefer a more isolated location, the banquet halls in North Goa can serve your purpose quite well. Congratulations on your engagement and have a happy ever after!

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