5 Reasons Why Mauritius is a Honeymooners Paradise!


Thinking of a wedding gift for your spouse or loved one, then a Mauritius honeymoon package may just set your gift apart from the other usual ones. A destination that is comparable to the heavens where the gods dwell, Mauritius is well described as the ultimate island vacation experience that is enriched with sunshine, exotic beaches, blue waters, hilly terrains and much more making it a perfect landscape for an ideal holiday.

Mauritius was once upon a time a pirate paradise, but today is a holistic vacation experience for every traveler. If you are still toiling over the idea of choosing Mauritius as your holiday destination, then here are a few reasons that will convince you to do so:

•Romance at its best: Soaked in some luxury, Mauritius makes it an ideal spot to rekindle some romantic moments with the love of your life.With amazing views on the beaches, tropical forests and adventurous volcanic peaks; Mauritius as an island is perfect for all the romance in one of the exotic resorts available in this island. The resorts make sure that your honeymoon is an ultimate experience with unique offerings like excellent spas, walkaways to the sea, personal helicopter moves and natural sea swimming pools.

•Adventure activities in Mauritius: The island of Mauritius makes way for several adventure activities that make it an ideal holiday destination. With various options for sports like Scuba diving, golfing, trekking, snorkelling and parasailing; there sure is no dull moment when you are in Mauritius. If your partner is an adventure lover, then make sure you have some adventure activities included in your honeymoon packages to Mauritius.

•Petting the wildlife in Mauritius: While there is a world of sea creatures under water that catches the attention of every traveler to Mauritius, there is also a whole wild life experience that is found in the jungles and terrains of Mauritius. From some of the most exotic species of birds to giant tortoises, Mauritius is home to several long living animals on earth. So get set to explore the other side of nature as you book a honeymoon package to Mauritius.

•Enjoying the sunny beaches of Mauritius: Mauritius is a perfect spot for beach lovers and couples to relax in the glory of the shining sun. The white sands and the blue waters make for the perfect backdrop to enjoy some lone time together. The beach shacks around the beaches have the perfect ambience with some soothing music and exotic cuisines, something that you’d love to indulge in when on a honeymoon. The evening sun gazing is a favourite activity that couples in Mauritius love to indulge in. Sit by the white sand beach and watch the sun go down beyond the waters for the perfect romantic evening with your partner.

•Food: Mauritius has some of the most exotic cuisines to offer especially for the seafood lovers. Rum is found almost in every restaurant, which tastes different and particularly better than any other rum in the world. From street food to exotic dishes, everything in Mauritius seems just right for the foodie in you.

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