5 reasons why you should take a bike ride on a travel date instead of renting a car


If you are a couple and if you intend to take a road trip, you will always face the option of either taking a bike or renting a car. I am a mountain person and I love the open air and mountains. My experiences have convinced me to travel by bike when I am going with my partner instead of travelling by car. Bike rides sound so exciting and fill me with enthusiasm. When you are in the city and if you have a car, you may prefer to travel by car because bikes can get really hot and exhausting. But bikes have their own perks when it comes to mountains and romantic travel dates. Also, personally I prefer bikes a lot more even in the city because they add a lot of thrill, they can travel faster than cars and can enter those small Indian "Gullies" which cars struggle to cope with. I'd go for bike rides throughout the way.

I went to Uttarakhand with my boyfriend and took a bike ride there, it was literally the best experience of my ride. Though I had always been a Mumbai elitist who was never allowed to travel by bikes because my family thought it was unsafe, travelling by bikes is very safe I assure you.

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Myth Busted: Travelling by bikes is not safe.

Despite what people say, I think travelling by bikes is extremely safe. The safety of the bike depends on the person who is riding it. If you or your partner is a good rider, it is a great way to go!

My first experience of being on a bike

As I said, I have always lived in Mumbai and have travelled in cars all my life. Travelling by bike was like an eye opener for me. It was literally the best experience of my life. I experienced speed, wind and nature like never before. It felt fresh and so close to me. I felt like I was a living character in a movie.

1) When it is cold outside, why use the AC?

It is cold outside and I want to experience the wind and the snow and the weather at the ultimate level. Taking a car would mean shutting myself in the realm of a false atmosphere created by the AC which I could experience even at home. I would anyway prefer to look at the snow and hold my partner tight while he is driving instead of simply being in a closed car. Specially on the mountainous region of Uttarakhand, I loved to travel by bikes and explore the wind and the cool atmosphere.

"The valleys rose right before my eyes, I did not need a window to look out of, the entire view was my window. "

2) Romance level is crossing 100/100 in bike rides

Needless to say, you cannot really hold your partner while they are driving the car, you may sit well comfortable and doze off on the passengers seat in boredom. I personally love to hold my partner tight when they are driving. It is the ultimate experience and fills me with excitement.

"I'd rather whisper in my partners ears with the wind blowing all around us than simply be in a car. "

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3) Bikes ensure the spirit of backpacking

The first time I went for a trip, we carried so much useless luggage because we were in a car and could just shove it on the backseat but the next time we were travelling, we took a bike and backpacked.

"The entire idea of backpacking and banjara comes alive when you take a bike."

It is the most liberating feeling ever where you don't need a lot of stuff and carry only the essentials. In such cases, you will be closer to your partner than when you have a lot of unnecessary stuff.

4) They are more fun on the curvy twisty mountains

If you take a bike ride, your chances of throwing up on the curvy mountains is a lot less than if you are in a car. Cars enhance the turns and movements and you can throw up easily and feel sick. Bikes cause the movement to settle down right below and you will not feel sick. It will be easier to cover a longer distance in a shorter time on the mountains and overtaking will also be easy. Bikes a a far better option, economically when it comes to saving time and imaginatively as well.

5) You can stop bikes when there is a beautiful view without causing traffic

Any better reason than easy parking. You will not be able to stop the car midway to get a beautiful view of the mountains and valleys. If you are in a bike, you can just park it simply and enjoy the view down.

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Personally my favourite bike to travel on is the Royal Enfield and I am not just saying things. Here are my reasons:

The Royal Enfield makes this large and loud whirring sound when it is moving. People are surely going to turn their heads and glance when it is coming close. It is like a monster and a dragon which you can sense from a great distance because of its signature loud noise. It is perceived as a very manly bike but in reality it is not so, it is extremely comfortable for women on the passengers seat. Someone who can drive it displays macho strength. Not only women, but even men find it hard to tame this monstrous bike and control it sometimes, but once time, it's like that traditional family house that you would never want to give up. It displays strength and classic beauty.

Someone told me "There is no part which the Royal Enfield has which is just added there for looking fancy, every part has value and is irreplaceable"

My next post is about 10 life hacks when going on a bike ride on a mountain.

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