5 secret destinations in India


India is a land of rich culture and heritage. Moving from north experiencing breath-taking beauty of Kashmir, The marvellous architecture of Taj Mahal, the richness of art in Pink City of Jaipur, the exotic beaches of Goa and many more places like Mysore, ranges of Himalayas, Kullu Manali which are the most famous places of tourist attractions. But apart from these destinations there are some places which are still unexplored and unknown by the people. These places are worth to be explored and marked as the next famous tourist spot for the travellers.

Here is a list of 5 such places in the boundaries of India for all those passionate travellers across the world.

Photo of 5 secret destinations in India 1/4 by priyanka banerjee(Khasi monoliths)   Photo of 5 secret destinations in India 2/4 by priyanka banerjee(Mawsmai Falls)

Cherapunjee - Except from the fact that this place is the wettest place in India, Cherapunjee is quite unknown in India. This city belongs to Meghalaya, rested 1290 meters above sea level and much of the torrential rain runs off the mountains into the valley below. A 90 minutes’ drive from Shillong to reach on a clear day. But during monsoons the drive is not easy due to thick clouds. However during winters it does not rain and becomes completely dry. The sightseeing’s for the travellers are the Khasi monoliths and Mawsmai falls during the day and while coming back Limestone Caves is the place a person cannot afford to miss. Due to lack of lodging and hotels in the vicinity of this place this place is still undiscovered.

Photo of 5 secret destinations in India 3/4 by priyanka banerjee (Nani Daman Fort)

Daman and Diu- Daman-Ganga River divides this city into two halves. The southern part of the city is known as Moti Daman, which is an Old Portuguese area where the government and old churches are located and surrounded by a large wall. The northern part is known as Nani Daman which is the hub of most of the hotels in the city. Daman lies about 15kms off Vapi along the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway. Daman & Diu is listed with 39 resorts & hotels in its vicinity with Cidade De Daman being the popular place to stay. The places to visit are the Church of our Lady of the Rosary and Se Cathedral, Fort at Moti Daman, The Light House, Nani Daman Fort, St. Jerome’s Fort and beaches of Denka and Jampore.

Tarkali Beach- Recognised by the international luxury cruise lines, Hebridean Spirit and the States Deccan Odyssey, this place is unknown by the people of our country. Situated in Sindhudurg in Southern Maharashtra, the beach has clean water to allow one to Snorkel and Scuba Dive. Pure shores with emerald green ocean waters, so clear that one can see through the water 15 feet deep. The tourist attractions are Sindhudurg fort, Devbag beach and the Backwaters. The MTDC resort being the only place of accommodations which has 20 odd cottages on the beach front. One can try the famous Malwani cuisine here and can also enjoy fresh fish prawns in a thick coconut curry base.

Auroville – Also called the ‘City of Dawn’ is an international experimental township. The emergence of this city was inspired by the emerged vision of Shri Aurobindo and was founded by Mirra Alfassa, also known as the mother. Located at a distance of 6kms from Pondicherry this township is planned around the Mati-mandir which is located in the centre of the Auroville. A rickshaw or a taxi can be rented easily from Pondicherry to get to Auroville. The places that can be visited here are the Matrimandir’s temple which has a gold plated exterior with a stark white interior. A huge crystal is placed in the centre.  Visitor’s centre is the place to attend exhibition and for indulging oneself in shopping. The centre also provides video viewing facilities and a cafeteria to spend time. Auroville beach is the finest in Pondicherry

.Photo of 5 secret destinations in India 4/4 by priyanka banerjee 

(auroville beach)

Wayanad – Another unexplored in the northern districts of Kerala, on its border with Karnataka. It is the most picturesque in the state with its rolling hills covered with tropical rainforest with a huge swathe of plantation & estates. Situated at a height of 700 to 2100m above sea level with temperature ranging from 12 to 25 degrees centigrade. Kalpetta town is an ideal place for trekking and other adventure activities. The Phookat Lake, Eddakal caves, Kuravadweep and Chembara falls are some places to visit. The wildlife sanctuary has got everything from exotic flora, fauna and a collection of reptiles. The best times to visit this place is between the months of June to October.

So pack your backpacks and get ready to unravel the beauty of these unexplored places…

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