5 Things You Shouldn't Miss to Your Kerala Backwaters Tour - The Beauty of Life

3rd Sep 2017

Kerala Backwater

Photo of 5 Things You Shouldn't Miss to Your Kerala Backwaters Tour - The Beauty of Life by Sayanti Deb
Photo of 5 Things You Shouldn't Miss to Your Kerala Backwaters Tour - The Beauty of Life 1/2 by Sayanti Deb

Kerala backwaters tour was the trip that I dreamed off when I moved to South from the Eastern Part of India. During our stay in at Hyderabad, we planned for a family trip in Kerala at the end of the Monsoon. Some of our friends warned us that monsoon is very long in Kerala and heavy rainfall can ruin our trip. But, I was so crazy about the trip that I could not postpone it. Finally, we made it and coincidentally, the time merged with the biggest festival of Kerala that means during the time of Onam. I think we were lucky enough that we had the trip at that time. I wrote my travel experience of Kerala trip through my Exploring Kerala series. But, this time I cannot stop myself to share some very interesting things about the Kerala backwaters that will increase your craving for the backwaters. And here is the 5 things that you shouldn't miss to your Kerala backwaters tour.

1. Travelling with the Shikara or the Canoe:

When you pace up at Alleppey for your backwater trip, getting down from the local auto driver of the rail station to the hotel director of your Homestay or hotel, everyone will try to convince you to reserve a houseboat with them to visit the Kerala backwaters. And the business of houseboat is so strong that if you go to stroll around in the beaches or any marketplace, the agents of the houseboat company will capture you for booking the houseboats with their attractive offers. For that reasons, the tourists cannot think a backwater trip beyond the houseboats. The houseboats are good for a whole day relaxation, but not for travel or to enjoy the true essence of the backwaters. It's because for the following reasons:

The big houseboat cannot enter the narrow channels of the lagoons, where belong the ultimate beauty of the backwaters. A whole day or 24 hrs on the waterbody is so boring that you will lose the energy of exploring the backwaters. It is overpriced ( minimum- Rs-7000 or $104.47 for one bedroom) and the money you will spend for the trip is not worthy.

I suggest making your trip with Shikara or the local Canoe.

For their narrow size, they can easily enter all the narrow channels that help you to explore the backwater village life and natural beauty more closely. The 4 sides open Shikara is the ideal place for photography. 3-5 hrs trip is more than enough of enjoying backwater with your full energy. Reasonable price range.

So, don't miss the chance of travelling in Shikara and the Canoe if you are a true traveller or a tourist who likes to explore backwater rather than relaxing in the AC room on the backwater.

P.C: For more comparison and picture, visit Exploring Kerala #5.

2. Typical Keralite Backwater food:

The gentle and fresh breeze of backwaters will make you hungry. No matter how much you fill your stomach up before your trip. And this is the chance to have a lunch in a backwater village with the farm fresh veggies or the backwater fishes. So, don't miss to have a lunch with the typical Keralite food on the banana leaf. The Keralite food is very different from the rest of the south Indian food.

3. Backwater Sunset and bird watch:

Don't miss the splendid view of the sunset over the backwaters. If you travel in a Shikara, I will suggest booking your timing 2 hrs before the sunset as you can catch the spectacular views of the golden hours in your camera very well. If you like birds or love to capture birds through your lens, the backwaters are the best spot for you to do that. Just keep your eyes open for that.

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4. Ayurvedic Spa:

The Ayurvedic Spa of Alleppey is very popular in Kerala and South India as well. The age Ayurvedic treatments and the method of massage with the fresh herbal oil and ingredients has a great medicinal value that can ensure cure of various diseases and their cause that exaggerates the things. This has done for holistic wellness that aims to relax body, mind and soul. The backwaters herbs are the core source of that and there are numerous good spa centres in the villages of Alleppey.

5. Snake boat races:

The snake boat race is performed during the Onam. That means; the end of the August to the mid of the September. This is the amazing scene and one of the best attractions of the Kerala Backwater in Alleppey. The snake boat is the traditional canoe about 100-200 feet long and holds around by 100 rowers. Each village has at least one own snake boat and the villagers of a particular village participate in the race that canoe. So, if you dare to choose your trip at the end of the monsoon or the time of the Onam, you can visit the ultimate greens of Kerala as well as the backwaters and the amazing Snake boat race that you can only see in the backwaters of Alleppey.

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Photo of 5 Things You Shouldn't Miss to Your Kerala Backwaters Tour - The Beauty of Life 2/2 by Sayanti Deb