5 Ways to Save Money When Planning a Trip to Maldives


Maldives happens to be one of the most sought-after tourist destinations, especially for its crystal clear ocean waters, its tranquil beaches, the spectacular white sands, its swaying palms, and the sheer charm of this island nation! Whether it be honeymooning couples or families with young kids, this is one destination that has it all what it takes to woo tourists of all ages, from across the globe! That being said, more often than not travel enthusiasts are on the lookout for options that are inexpensive or reasonable at best! If you wish to enjoy your Maldives Holiday Package without splurging money, here are some impeccable ways to do so!

1.Plan your Trip in Advance

Planning beforehand almost always has its advantages, and the same stands true when you wish to plan a holiday in Maldives! Planning a little ahead of time will give you the freedom to flex your dates or schedule according to the estimated airfares and speculated tariff for your resort stay. Moreover, it will give you ample time to find a trustworthy travel advisor for a fairly reasonable Maldives Holiday Package while also helping you compare rates of various service providers.

2.Use Local Ferries

You might not realise it right away, but travelling domestically within Maldives via a personal speed boat or a flight can actually burn a hole in your pocket! However, there is a cheaper option which, thankfully, is more efficient too! You can almost always use a ferry to hop from one island to another, all under $5 per person! Whenever is it that you need a ferry, simply book your tickets at least a day or two in advance to avoid any last minute inconveniences! And yes, remember one thing, ferries aren’t operational on Fridays, so plan your travel accordingly.

3.Pack it all

Given that Maldives is primarily a tourist destination, prices of certain items will almost always be through the roof! Simple things like suntan lotions, toiletries and even guidebooks can prove to be twice as expensive. Hence, make sure you pack all the essentials with you to avoid spending the extra bucks. And for what it’s worth, you can even carry a bottle or two of packaged water, that is, if you have enough space for the same!

4.Travel in Off-Season

Usually, May to November is the time period when Maldives witnesses quite a lot of rain and hence isn’t considered suitable for tourism. However, one must understand that not all islands of Maldives experience the same weather at the same time, and while it might rain on one island, the others might be rather dry and pleasant to enjoy a stay! Planning your trip during this season will help you score some incredible deals with discounts ranging from anywhere between 30% to a whopping 60%, both on airfares as well as stays! And if you get lucky you can enjoy staggeringly low prices at local cafés and beachside shops, as well.

5.Exchange your Currency Beforehand

To enjoy your vacation in Maldives, you will either need US Dollars or Rupiyah, i.e. the local currency. While resorts and guesthouses openly accept dollars, at places such as local restaurants and street side shops, you will need the Rupiyahs. To ensure that you get them at a decent exchange rate, either get this done in your homeland or at an exchange shop in the Maldives. Remember, exchanging the currency at the Airport or the Resort might prove to be a costly deal!

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