6 Factors to Consider In Evaluating a Budget Hotel

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When you are within Stafford, there are numerous sites that will capture your interest, and not even notice time flying by. As such, you may find yourself needing an inexpensive place to put up in. The process of choosing a suitable budget accommodation in Stafford or any other hotel whatsoever, could be overwhelming and tiring especially being a newbie to the area.

The quality of service that you receive and therefore important to know how you can avoid frustration due to poor or inexistent services, which you will still end up paying for because you committed to an agreement to pay after your stay.

The following are six factors to consider in your choice of a suitable hotel:

1.Online reviews

With the help of online review platforms, like tripadvisor and kayak, many people who have previously visited such hotels leave reviews of their experience in these hotels. This would be a good place to review these hotels to get first impressions of the potential service delivery in the hotel.


Ask and know the cost that the hotel attaches to the services offered. This enables you to get a hotel that fits your budget. It would be unwise to book into a hotel just because you like their ambience or they perfectly match your preferences, whereas its cost is far much higher than what you have budgeted to spend on hotel expenses.

3.Hidden costs

Huge price cuts, offers, discounts, etc., are all marketing gimmicks that are most of the times successful in pulling you into the hotels or influence your opinion of the hotels. However, there are in many cases some hidden costs which most people do not notice. It is important to be keen to identify these hidden costs. Look at the terms and conditions, check the disclaimers, and exceptions, etc., to see areas where extra costs may apply.


Find out the various amenities and services that the hotels offer for their various service packages. Even for most budget hotels, free Wi-Fi, micro-fridges, satellite TV, hot water showers and bath tub, parking, etc. are some of the common services offered. Your preferences may require hotels that have private safes, gyms, money exchange, bank ATMs, etc., so check for such too.


Your own security and the properties you have are paramount for your comfort, and as such, getting a hotel in which you feel secure and there are visible security measures in place is important. Choose a budget hotel that clearly outlines their security measures, e.g. CCTV in place, fire emergency measures, etc. and one that is maybe close to a fire or police station, hospital, etc.


You want a hotel that you are able to access easily from any corner of the town. Choose a hotel that is well known, such that you are able to ask for directions to it in-case you are lost, and one that will not be expensive to get to if you are using public means like a taxi.

Generally, the most important determining factor in the choice of hotel, budget or otherwise, is your preferences. This will form the basis of what you will look for in the hotel that you identify, so as to meet these preferences. A hotel that does not meet the expectations to a large part, is not worth your cent.

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