6 new places. one birthday celebration. 2875 meters above sea level, 10 life lessons.


This year around my birthday i decided to take a trip.

I have always believed that life teaches us a lot of lessons. So in the spirit of turning one year older and wiser, i made a conscious effort to seek out as many lessons as i could learn from this trip.

Throughout my journey i kept note of the things i learnt/discovered/felt/thought about. I was in 6 different places, with some people i knew, some old, some strangers and some new friends. learning something from everyone. And here i am sharing some of the scribblings from my journal along with some pictures (okay more than some) from the trip i took on my 25th birthday (yes i am 25 years old now. and no it doesn’t feel any different from 15)

10 life lessons which might help you on your pursuit of happyness

Read them at: www.inmyshoess.wordpress.com

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