6 Offbeat Spots in Ladakh


Try Out These 6 Offbeat Places of Interest in Ladakh

The highest plateau in the North Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir belongs to Ladakh. The region is consistently above the elevation of 3000 meters. The upper Indus River valley also belongs to this region. The highly elevated plateau and the river valley combines with the Himalayan Range to provide some exciting out of the world experience to intrepid travelers who can brave the elements and undertake a tour of the region.

The following 6 areas are among the most offbeat locations in Ladakh and should be included in any Leh Ladakh tour packages offered by travel agencies.

The Pangong Lake

The cinematography of the last scene of the movie ‘3 Idiots’ featuring Amir Khan is so bewitching that one is tempted to see the Pangong Lake in reality. The place is as offbeat as it can get, and even so transport is readily available. The best way to witness the spectacular tidings in this place is to spend watching the waters of the lake look different during the course of the day and look at the stars in the night watching from a tent along the shores of the lake.

Turtuk Village along Shyok River

An excellent offbeat location is the Turtuk village along the Shyok River. The place has a charm of its own with its apricot orchards and wheat farms and small brooks and rivulets. The fact that the village is just 12 km from the Pakistan border holds a sense of adventure that can unnerve the most intrepid of travelers.

The Nubra Valley 

The Nubra Valley provides some great offbeat places such as the sand dunes in Hunder. The Nubra valley is created by the confluence of the Nubra River with the Shyok River. The valley clearly demarcates the Karakoram and Ladakh Ranges. There are unusual places to see and include such places as a wishing pond, hot springs and the Samstemling Gompa. The gompa is a 150 year-old complex comprising 7 Buddhist temples housing a collection of murals.

 Khalsi Village in the Indus Valley

The Khalsi village is a small settlement that can be used as a base to visit some offbeat places. The places to visit include the Palace of the old king and the Khalsi Monastery. The village is surrounded by Dah Hanu villages which are the homes of the Brokpa community. The Brokpa community living in Ladakh is reported to have had Indo-Europeans as their forefathers. The Khalsi region offers white water rafting activities.  

Magnetic Hill in Ladakh 

One of the more offbeat places is the Magnetic Hill where vehicles can move on their own due to the ostensible effects of the earth’s magnet. However, the jury is out on this phenomenon as another theory explains the effect as occurring due to gravity. Probably, due to the high altitude (above 4000 meters) there is an optical illusion where downhill looks like uphill and when a car is switched off and left in neutral the vehicle moves on account of gravity.

The Shanti Stupa

The attraction of the Shanti Stupa in Ladakh is the opportunity to witness the sun rise and set from atop the hill on which the Stupa is built. The hill stands at an elevation in excess of 4200 meters. Apart from the sunrise and sunset the view of Leh and high mountains capped with white snow from atop the hill is breathtaking to say the least.

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