6 Top Rated & Attractive Museums to Visit in Great Britain

17th Jan 2017

The first museum was opened in the University of Alexandria, Egypt way back in the 3rd century B.C. This historical existence of museums shows its importance. Museums are the source of historical, cultural and religious collections. Museums preserve antiques not only for the purpose of research or education but also presents them for the public interest.

Museums offer an amazing interaction with such wonders that we can only see in books or documentaries. That is why museums are more likely to be beneficial for education purposes. Several schools manage to arrange tours on regular basis at museums. Moreover, museums are also the source of a healthy revenue based upon tourism.

The United Kingdom has a marvelous repute in the mean of history. At one time, The Great British Empire possess one fifth of the population of entire World. Such huge territory enables the United Kingdom to collect countless antiques from around the World. That is why the UK have several astonishing museums at the current time.

For your interest, here we are going to discuss eight top rated museums in UK.

British Museum

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Day 1

The British Museum is located at Great Russell Street London. It was established in 1753. The museum owns eight millions of collections related to history, art and culture from all continents. British Museum reveals the evolution of human culture from its beginning to current age. If you are going to visit it, we recommend you to put comfy shoes as it is expanded on the area of 807,000 square feet. It has 94 galleries.

Natural History Museum

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Day 2

The natural history Museum is located at Kensington and Chelsea, London. It was established in 1881. This museum has the enormous range of artifacts related to natural history. These artifacts are categories in five major portions as zoology, mineralogy, paleontology, entomology and botany. The natural History museum is famous for its exhibitions on Dinosaur Skeletons.

Victoria and Albert Museum

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Day 3

The Victoria and Albert Museum is located at Cromwell Road London. It was established in 1852. The Victoria and Albert museum is known for the largest collection of decorative art and design. It owns 4.5 million artefacts approximately. These collections cover the historical span of five thousand years presenting the cultures of Europe, Asia, North America and North Africa.

National Gallery

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Day 4

The National Gallery Museum is located at Trafalgar Square, London. It was established in 1824. National Gallery is the most visited art museum throughout the World. It contain about twenty three hundred paintings belonging the span of thirteenth century to nineteenth century.

Science Museum

Photo of National Gallery, Vicarage Road, London, United Kingdom by Emma Miah
Day 5

The Science Museum is located at Exhibition Road, London. The science museum contains a number of historical inventions. Round about three lacks items are included in the collection of The Science Museum. The most famous antiques like Stephenson’s Rocket, the first jet engine, Puffing Billy and even the most ancient documentation of first ever typewriter are preserved here.

National Railway Museum

Photo of Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London, United Kingdom by Emma Miah
Day 7

The National Railway Museum is located at Leeman Road, York. This museum is the part of the chain formed by Science Museums. National Railway Museum reveal the struggling of railways throughout the British history. It also emphasis the role of railway in the progress of society. It contain a large collection of antiques related to the British railways. Several rare written and graphical records are also exists in the National Railway Museum.

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