7 Great Tips for Traveling with Teens

10th Oct 2017

When you have young children, you think traveling with babies and toddlers is tough. You have to pack a huge amount of stuff, plan meals carefully, and check that all activities are age appropriate. You’re also constantly worried about sunburn or illness. Surely, it’ll never be harder than that? Then, the teenage years hit and suddenly you are dragging a whining teen who would rather be doing anything but travel with their parents.

The good news is that holidays with teens can be great fun. You just need to be prepared. Here are seven great tips to help make sure you have a wonderful getaway.

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Consult Them

If there’s one thing teenagers hate, it’s having decisions made for them. Speak to them about going away and involve them in the process. Look at accommodation together and try to find somewhere that everyone can enjoy. Encourage them to think about others’ needs and not just their own.

Let Them Pack

Trust them to pack their own bags, but maybe sit down and help them write a packing list beforehand.

Give Them Responsibility

Give them an extra job. This could be something like packing for a younger sibling or planning travel activities and snacks. Anything that they are in charge of will help them to feel valued and important. Praise them and let them know what a huge help they have been and they’ll be keen to help more.

Get Them Their Own Room

Looking at cabin rentals MN is a brilliant option for families with older kids. Hire a two-bedroom cabin and let your teens have a little space. Staying together in cramped quarters can be hard for all of you. So, letting them have their own room gives them a little privacy, somewhere to be alone, and shows them that you don’t still think of them as a child.

Allow Freedom

The teenage years throw up quite the conundrum when it comes to trust and freedom. They’re not children anymore, but how much trust should you afford them? This, of course, depends on their age and levels of maturity. But, if you feel comfortable, letting them go a little will help them to have a great vacation, and they’ll seek ways to reward your trust.

Allow Some Screen Time

It can be tempting to ban all screens when you are on vacation, but it might not be the best idea. You certainly don't want them glued to screens the whole time, but allowing a set time where they can check their notifications and speak to their friends will keep them happy. Just make sure you stick to the rules too.

Let Them Choose Activities

Instead of dragging them sightseeing and to museums every day of your break, let them choose some activities too, get involved with things that they want to do, and try to have some fun together.

Once your kids are teenagers, the stark truth is that there probably won’t be many more family holidays. So, choose your battles, relax your rules, and try to make the most of it.

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