7 lessons I learned by living abroad.


Wanderlust is the new buzz word and everyone is flashing the count of countries they’ve been to and how fulfilled their souls are from seeing new places and cultures. But there’s another experience out there that beats the buzz of travel, it’s living abroad.Though it comes with it’s challenges, living abroad can be enriching in more ways you can think of. Here’s my list of reasons which should make you pack your bags and go away to live in a foreign land.

It gives you a chance to start afresh

When you come to new country, you get a chance to start with a clean slate. No matter if you were a nerd back home, now you can be party monger with absolutely no pressures of judgement. It’s your best opportunity to experiment with yourself without any burden of confirming to tags conferred to you by your peers. It’s just like dancing when no one is watching.

It helps you make deeper connections

Living in a foreign country and not understanding a word of what everyone around you speaks will teach you that some emotions are universal and connect human beings irrespective of their nationality or language. You learn that everyone is searching for love, compassion and companionship. You’ll realise your smile is the most useful tool you have.

It makes you a food adventurer

Once you have lived abroad,food becomes an adventure, you no more eat to just survive. You’re receptive to cuisines from across the globe and always eager to taste new things. Your friends love to dine at your place for the reason that they get to hear new names on the menu every time. Also the food becomes a window to your times abroad, all you’ve to do is take a bite to go back in time.

It makes you realize importance of family

Yes you love your family,but you can never realize the importance of your family like you do on these two instances when living in a foreign country. One is when you spend a Christmas Eve alone on deserted streets while everyone with their families and the other when you fall sick in a foreign land. This is when you learn the true meaning of being alone. It really helps appreciate the people who have yearned to spend time with you.

It makes you humble

Until you’ve lived abroad, you’re like a frog in the well, you think your country is best at pretty much everything. But the moment you’re abroad you see that’s what everyone else thinks about their country and all countries are similar in most ways. So your idea of nationalism is no more linked to your ego and you become more humble in interactions with people of other nationalities.

It makes you a global citizen

When living abroad it’s very likely that you’ll mingle with other expats and this will result in you making friends with people from all around the the globe. So now every year you either have some friend planning to visit you or you’re planning to visit your friends on the different corners of the globe.

It gives you a second homes

The place you’ve lived abroad in becomes your second home, now you’ve one more team to cheer for at sports events . Every time someone mentions the name of your second home it brings huge smile on your face. And if they’re talking shit about it then you defend like a true soldier.

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