7 life hacks when you are taking a bike trip with your partner


Bike trips are always thrilling and exciting with the element of surprise. It is the charm of a bike trip to excite you and cause something special, that magical spark to appear between you and your partner. For everything to be perfect on your bike ride, here are 10 life hacks:

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1) Choose the bike correctly

Whenever I go on a bike ride with my partner, we generally take the Royal Enfield because it is quite large so we can keep our backpacked bags behind. Also, we both love the loud sound that the bike makes when we are riding it. It drags a lot of attention. It also catches speed easily and we love that on mountain trips.

2) Carry little luggage

It is a bike trip, not a car ride, so you'd rather carry less or you'll have to throw things. There is no trunk in a bike for you to store things. Always carry minimal.

3) Shut the engine on the downhill path

When the path goes downhill, the bike will keep going down even if you have not pressed the accelerator and it will go down fast. You can save fuel by doing this. Once we were about to run out of fuel, but we shut the engine on the downhill part and were safe.

4) Keep some extra fuel.

If you are on a mountain, where you don't know how far the next petrol pump will be, always carry fuel in a bottle with you. Carrying it in a drinking bottle can make the fuel fit inside your bag and your hands will be free. You don't want to walk or be stranded here.

5) Pictures may be interesting but don't use the camera till the bike stops

Bikes are literally fast and I have dropped my camera and broken it in the past. You may think that its a mountain with no traffic or sudden brakes but you must have never fathomed the curvy turns and pauses that are there on the mountain. If you use electronics, they may fall.

6) Tape speakers to the front of the bike

As fun as this sounds, you can tape speakers and listen to amazing music on your bike ride. Keep your hands free so that you can hold your partner.

7) Don't tickle your partner when they drive

This one is obvious but pretty necessary. Also, the idea of PDA o bikes is not as possible if the road isn't empty.

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I lost my Bose Blue Tooth speakers when I hung it to my bullet. I was unable to hear the music too. :( please let me know which speaker did u use.??
Sun 10 01 17, 00:05 · Reply (1) · Report
ohhh, that's so sad!! how can you loose the speaker once when you tie it to your bike?
Sun 10 01 17, 00:30 · Report
I totally love your 7 life hacks because no riding schools has ever taught me such important stuff! I am never ever going to tickle anyone on bike. Amen!!
Sat 09 30 17, 23:52 · Reply · Report
Shut my engine down and then what.. when comes a dangerous turn i try to press my horn button oh but wait i just shut down my engine so pressing the horn button won't do any good then i need to take one of my hands off the handle and remind you i am making a turn... So overall a catastrophic advice.. and you wrote it down as this piece of information would be so resourceful.. just to save a little amount of fuel people should bargain with their life. Atleast think before you write something..
Sat 09 30 17, 07:55 · Reply · Report
Are you for real? @Tripoto, atleast filter out such garbage so that people don't have to go through this torture posted by a kid :/
Fri 09 29 17, 10:50 · Reply · Report
Vidhi, Point 3 - "Shut the engine on the downhill" is very dangerous because Engine, Gears not only allow your bikes to run faster but they keep your bike in your control and if you turn them off then you are in trouble. Never shut the engine downhill or never try riding your bike in neutral gear on downhills.
Fri 09 29 17, 07:41 · Reply · Report
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