7 Must-Visit Tourist Hotspots in Malaysia


Cupped and cut by the South China Sea into two halves, the Malay land is like an aphrodisiac, luring people with its myriad charms. The island nation is the perfect amalgamation of tradition and urbanization. Malaysia’s chief regions – East Malaysia (Borneo) and Peninsular Malaysia offer two contrasting experiences. While the Malaysian Borneo is characterized by lofty peaks, isolated clans, massive cave systems, and dense jungles sheltering Orangutans, Peninsular Malaysia brandishes modern cities, cloud-shrouded tea gardens, colonial-style buildings, and coral islands.

Most of us know of the first two destinations on this list but let’s take a look at all the must-visit destinations that you can consider before booking your honeymoon or family holiday package to Malaysia:

1.Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur, the country’s capital, is regarded as an important trade center that has espoused change and innovation at lightning speeds while holding onto its long-established culture and traditions. The alpha city presents a stunning skyline by virtue of its iconic superstructures including the Petronas Twin Towers and Menara KL Tower. Batu Caves is another prominent attraction of great religious significance. You can easily reach there by taking a train from the KL Sentral Railway Station. Also, do not forget to try out the delectable street food while you’re there.

2.Penang: Located in Peninsular Malaysia, the beautiful island of Penang is famed as a microcosm where the grand Asian Kingdom meets the British empire, where modern meets old-fashioned, and where water bodies meet wild forests. Penang’s capital city George Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting culture vultures and history buffs from all around the world by virtue of its peaceful temples, emblematic colonial homes, majestic forts, and large museums.

3.Cameron Highlands: At a distance of only 200Km from Kuala Lumpur lies the enchanting hill station of Cameron. Cool breezes carrying the scent of Eucalyptus, misty tea plantations, tranquil woodlands with beguiling waterfalls – this hillock has plenty on its platter. You can get here by renting a car from Kuala Lumpur or Penang at reasonable prices.

4.Taman Negara: Literally meaning ‘national park’, Taman Negara is one of the world’s earliest National Parks located in the Titiwangsa mountain region, spread across 4343 sq. kms of land. The area features deciduous rainforests and untamed rivers, where tourists can go on a nature trail, exploring the park’s wildlife and also take a canopy walk at nominal costs.

5.Mount Kinabalu: At an elevation of 4095 meters, Mount Kinabalu is characterized by grey roofs and lush slopes. It houses the Kinabalu National Park, also a World Heritage Site that is home to about 5,000 plant species, 326 fowls, and over a 100 mammal species. If trekking or mountain climbing is your thing, Mount Kinabalu should be your top pick.

6.Sipadan: The sole oceanic island in the country, Sipadan rests gracefully off the eastern cost of Sabah in East Malaysia. Magnificent underwater topographical features and bounteous marine life has earned this gorgeous isle the reputation of being home to some of the best dive sites in the world. You can either have a go at scuba diving and explore the water world or simply take a leisurely stroll along the white sandy shores.

Malacca: Another UNESCO World heritage site, the city of Malacca, or Melaka as the locals spell it, will engulf you in a world of history, culture, and tradition. Originally a trade hub, this colonial town flaunts many tourist attractions including Christ Church, Dutch Fort, and the Stadthuys.

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