7 Necessities For a Unique Camping Experience

7th Jul 2017

There are the typical supplies that one must bring along whenever they decide to tackle the wild beyond. Your first thought might be food, warm clothing and blankets, a way to start a fire, a first aid kit, etc. While compiling a serious checklist is highly recommended, there's no reason why you can't fill the rest of the space in your Winnebago with something a little more interesting.

Fantasy Flames

Fire crystals are a truly unique way to get the fire started. What are these magical gems and why do they sound like something out of a fantasy epic? They're a relatively new invention whose function is nearly self-explanatory. You set them on your fire and watch something amazing happened. In the case of fire crystals, all you need to do is pop a few packets into any sized open fire and watch as a plethora of rainbow flames dance about for at least ten or more minutes of enjoyment.

Pop-Up Tent

Ideal for the lazy types but also mighty convenient for anyone who just doesn't want to waste their time fighting the poles or figuring out what goes into where. An inflatable (pop-up) tent makes things simpler so you can concentrate on having more important things. Such as figuring out how to charge up your group's vape mods & cell phones for the rest of the weekend.

Start Fires With the Sun

Harness the power of nature with a device that looks like a mini satellite that can fit in your hand. A solar fire starter is a cost-efficient way to combine the elements with science to create an invaluable resource that will not only feed you and your group but will keep you warm in the case of an emergency.

More Solar Power

You can probably find a whole bunch of devices that are purely solar powered online but it's definitely recommended that you look into something like a solar powered light, regardless. A camper can never have too many light sources, especially ones that are powered by the sun and are completely waterproof. Should you run into a bit of rain or end up dropping it in a river, you'll still be prepared.

Powerless Blender

Can't possibly go on a single day's trip without your breakfast smoothies? Or you need to make sure you are getting your daily dose of protein shakes with every night's meal at night? Bring along a hand crank powered blender and find out what it's like being able to tough it in the wilderness, without losing a single percentage of your usual multivitamin shake. No power is required with this little device - all you need is a working hand to crush up all your ingredients and a cup to pour it in.

Tent for Pets

Big things come in small packages. If you're taking along your dog and aren't the type of pet owner to share your own bed, let alone your own tent, then why not get your four legged friend their very own lodgings? Or you can set up the mini tent inside your bigger tent, should your pet be used to having a roof over their head at home. Either way, it's still a cute addition to any pet owner's campsite.

Useful Utensils

Your party might be out in the wild beyond for more than a few days. You'll likely get tired of eating nothing but hot dogs and s'mores after the first day or two. At that point, it's time to whip out your open fire safe utensils. Bring along a cast iron waffle iron for a cheap and delicious way to make waffles in the forest. A quesadilla grilling basket is useful for making handheld Mexican delights that can be enjoyed for many nights to come. Might as well add a propane coffee maker to the list, since you're not likely to come across any coffee shops where you're going.

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