7 Places in Jaipur which are going to make you an Instagram Superstar

Photo of 7 Places in Jaipur which are going to make you an Instagram Superstar by Earth's Tenant

Have you dreamed of a city telling story of its colors? Wherever you look there will be a color and that color will have a historical story to say you. One of the Indian cities which doesn't give rest for the photographer in you. So are you ready to see the Instagram worthy spots in Jaipur, the Pink City?

1. City Palace, Jaipur:

Many of you might have visited City Palace, Jaipur. But how many of you know that there are separate passes available to visit the private area of this palace called Chandra Mahal, which has got the most sophisticated architecture and interiors. Guided tours are conducted to enter inside the Chandra Mahal and visit the private rooms which the royal family is still using for festival celebrations.

Tourist Information:

Entrance fee: Indian/foreigner ₹130/500 to visit museum and premises. Entrance fee to the Chandra Mahal is INR 2500.

Camera fee: INR 50 and INR 150 for videography

Visiting time: 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM

How to reach: Rickshaws and taxis are available for local sightseeing. All forms of public transportations are also available.

Read more about it on my blog Earth's Tenant: https://www.earthstenant.com/blog/12-photos-through-royal-lifestyle-rajputs-city-palace-jaipur/

2. Hawa Mahal:

Yeah! I know this is not new to you. Hawa Mahal might be the most photographed building in Jaipur. But you know where to get the perfect shot of Hawa Mahal? Cross the main road and head on to the building which is just opposite to Hawa Mahal. Climb up to 'The Tattoo cafe' or 'Wind view Cafe' to capture the perfect shot of Hawa Mahal.

Tourist Information:

Entrance fee: Indian/foreigner ₹50/200

Visiting time: 10 a.m - 5:30 p.m

How to reach: This is in the middle of Old Jaipur/Pink city. Once you enter the pink city there are many cabs, auto-rickshaws available as its one of the main tourist spot.

Best time to visit: Evenings are perfect to capture the sunset and early morning, gifts you a misty Hawa Mahal view.

3. Nahargarh Fort:

You can see the whole of Jaipur from the top of Nahargarh Fort. What more you need to rock on your Instagram? When you visit Nahargarh Fort, make sure that you climb the terrace of the museum to capture the view overlooking the Jaipur City and walk to the fort which is 500m away from the museum to capture a perfect shot of Jaipur City along with the Nahargarh Fort.

Tourist Information:

Entrance fee: Indian/foreigner ₹50/200

Visiting time: 10 a.m - 5:30 p.m

How to reach: Nahargarh fort is 17kms from old Jaipur/pink city. There are auto rickshaws, taxis and uber online cabs available from Jaipur town.

Best time to visit: Go there in the evening to see an unforgettable sunset and stay little late to see the incredible sight of whole city lighted at night.

Note: There are also fort treks organized as one-day trips which give you a wonderful opportunity to capture Nahargarh fort from unique angles.

4. Amber palace:

Photo by:taramilktea

Amber Palace is declared as UNESCO world heritage site. This was the former residence of Jaipur royal family and one of the oldest surviving palaces in India which is built using sandstone. The amber colour of the sandstone has given it the name as Amber palace. You might be thinking which is the Instagram worthy spot in Amber Palace. Ganesh pol of entrance is that golden spot which is famous on Instagram. It is the entrance to the private rooms of Amber Palace

Tourist Information:

Entrance fee: Indian/foreigner ₹100/500, night entry ₹100.

Visiting time: 8 a.m-6 p.m, last entry 5.30 p.m, night entry 7-9 p.m

How to reach: Amer fort is 14 kms from old Jaipur/pink city. There are buses, auto rickshaws, taxis and Uber online cabs available from Jaipur town. Public buses are available to Amer town from Ajmeri Gate and MI Road.

Best time to visit: Visit during weekdays when the crowd is less and get there as early as possible to find the place less of a crowd.

5. Jal Mahal:

Photo by: Sanketsjoshi

Maybe one of the most common places visited by all the travellers who come to Jaipur. But do you know what makes me add Jal Mahal to this list? Wake up to see the sunrise at Jal Mahal or visit Jal Mahal at the night when its flooded with warm lights reflecting its shadow on the riffled water. It gives you a perfect shot of Jal Mahal.

Note: You can visit Jal Mahal only from a distance. There are no facilities made to enter inside Jal Mahal.

6. Panna Meena Ka Kund:

Photo by:lifebyhian

When you visit Amber palace don't forget this gem of a place which is near to Amber Palace. This is one of the least visited and most beautiful step wells in India. A positive thing about Panna Meena Ka Kund is its least number of the crowd except some villagers. There is a security guard who makes sure that no one gets down on the step well. If you want to take a photograph then give him a tip and he will let you walk down.

Note: No entrance fee.

7. Patrika Gate at Jawahar Circle:

Photo by:Annpacheo_

Jawahar circle is the biggest circular park in Asia on a traffic signal. But the main attraction here is the beautiful hand-painted Patrika Gate which is the entrance of Jawahar circle. Each pillar of Patrika gate is painted with some important facts about different parts of the Rajasthan state. This is the 7th Instagram worthy spot to capture your perfect shot.

Tourist Information:

Entrance fee: Indian/foreigner ₹10/2o.

Visiting time: 6 a.m-9 p.m

How to reach: Jawahar circle is in the middle of the city and outside of Old Jaipur/pink city. Cabs, auto rickshaws and bus services are available.

So what are you waiting for? Hand your camera and head to these tourist spots to capture these beautiful places in you own creative way.

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