7 Unbelievable places you can fly to under 25k!




'A strong desire for travel'

Wanderlust makes people look wistfully at their Instagram timelines, cursing their lackluster, filter-less, mundane lives. There are probably few other words that have beseeched people to try and see the world. Why look at others’ memories when you can create some of your own. Here’s a list of places you can book round flights to just under that magical figure of 25,000 rupees.

Masai Mara Reserve. Credit - journeyinstyle.co.za

Photo of Masai Mara Kenya, Buru Buru Road, Nairobi, Kenya by Abhijit

Nairobi , Kenya

What to do: Apart from a plethora of national parks and some outstanding game reserves, Kenya is also home to some amazing tea and coffee plantations.

Flights starting: 21k

Instagramworthy beaches everywhere. Credit - Lonely planet

Photo of Mahé, Seychelles by Abhijit

Mahe Island, Seychelles

What to do: An archipelago of 115 islands, Seychelles is a beach lover’s paradise, consisting of nature reserves, pristine beaches, large stretches of coral reefs, beach forests and exotic sea life including an extremely rare species of tortoise – the giant Aldabra

Flights starting: 24k

Casino Lights. Credit - Wiki commons

Photo of Macau Island, Macau by Abhijit


What to do: It is Asia’s Las Vegas, but better. You know what to do.

Flights starting: 22k

The world famous pyramid complex at Giza. Credit - Wiki commons

Photo of Giza, Egypt by Abhijit

Cairo, Egypt

What to do: Travel to the past with the amazing collection of historical artifacts and monuments at every turn. Be it the famed pyramid complex at Giza, or the temples at Karnak and Luxor, or the numerous museums and tombs that line the land, the places of interesting places to visit is truly endless.

Flights starting: 24k

Pristine South African beaches

Photo of South Africa by Abhijit

Did you know you could spot Penguins in South Africa? Credit - Wiki commons

Photo of South Africa by Abhijit

Johannesburg, South Africa

What to do: Beaches, game reserves, national parks, waterfronts, mountains – you name it, you’ll find it in South Africa. Add to it its gaining popularity as a adventure sports destination, it’s a blockbuster travel spot in the making.

Flights starting: 25k

Distance you cover: An astounding 6900+ kms on way. That's some bang for your buck


Photo of Istanbul, Turkey by Abhijit

Grand night bazaars of Istanbul. Credit - Wiki commons

Photo of Istanbul, Turkey by Abhijit

Istanbul, Turkey

What to do: Turkey just doesn’t lie between two continents; it is a place where the past and the present meet. While you gape in awe at the magnificence that is Aya Sofya, the Topkapi palace, and the Basillica cistern, the grand bazaars, its ultra-modern museums, and the Bosporous will capture your hearts in an alluring spell.

Flights starting: 25k

The CCTV tower

Photo of Beijing, China by Abhijit

The Forbidden City. Credit - Wiki Commons

Photo of Forbidden City, Jingshan Front Street, Dongcheng, Beijing, China by Abhijit

Beijing, China

What to do: The capital of China, Beijing, is probably the largest metropolis in the country and is home to stunning modern architecture and famed ancient tourist sites. The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven and the National Stadium are must visits in the city.

Flights starting: 23k

Happy travelling!