8 Best Islands in Asia for Honeymoon


The time when islands and honeymoon tours merged together is unknown but for last some years, the major islands of South-East Asia have been influencing hundreds of newly wedded couples as well as families very much. The untouched lazy beaches, the shallow clear waters keeping contact with the shores always, the vast canopy surrounded by blue-green water have an effective charm.

Koh Samui

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The magical charisma of Koh Samui is a wonder to all kinds of people visiting, but the reason why it is chosen as the best destination for the honeymoon is not a wonder. Because of the extensive blue hue through which the sand bed is clearly seen, Koh Samui precipitates well. The deserted beaches make the atmosphere amorous in depth, the gentle breeze during the sunset gives the multi-coloured beach charm indescribable. The array of family run restaurants where you can lure the scrumptious seafood and the tourist-friendly towns are some of the inevitable facts this celebrity island shows.

El Nido, Philippines

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Ecstasy is found on El Nido, scarcely crowded yet not devoid of inhabitants, this Philippine treasure is somewhat the most celebrated honeymoon destination. The Bacuit archipelago starts here with the mammoth limestone cliffs which have virgin green shrubs and the vast Bacuit Bay looking at the horizon with high hopes. The cluttered houses overlooking the ocean seems to be expecting something, the beach side restaurants and hotels are involved in their own business but it is a friendly island especially for honeymoon loungers.

Andaman and Nicobar, India

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Thousands of years have passed since Andaman started being a host to the native tribes and now it is a well-acclaimed tourist destination. The beachgoers, the adventurists, the sunbathers, the honeymooners and those like-minded people are heading to the blue-green hued island to indulge in pure rapture. The safe beaches are always pleasant and way more silent eventually being the most romantic of all sights. The water based activities at every point of Andaman adds superb charm to it.

Borneo, Malaysia

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The heritage displaying interiors of the beach resorts in Borneo elude the typical features of beach resorts. The romantic, replenishing rainforest and wild life near the untouched beaches are a specific reason why honeymoon destinations in other parts of Asia find Borneo a rival. The shallow crystal clear water near the shore seems to part its way from the seamless ocean. Also, the huge number of orangutans found in the wild makes Borneo, a unique island.


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Development is seen everywhere in Maldives, the skyscrapers, the buzzing towns give a blissful view from the sky. The corals inside the sea here have a distinct beauty, the fish play hide and seek with them and thus make the underwater world far better to be inhabited. Maldives is proud of the beaches, which are world’s best. The luxury and comfort the stay options in Maldives offer to make every in dilemma. For honeymoon couples, Maldives always perfect and ideal.

Bali, Indonesia

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Honeymoon goers get enamoured by the white sandy lying carefree in Bali. The cliff top temples are yearning for the glimpses of the Indian Ocean. The surroundings are rich in the native culture of the island. There are hundreds of honeymoon packages available in Bali any time round the year since the glistening water being in love with the shores is an unrivaled sight. Hence any honeymoon tour would be turned out to be the most romantic one. The seafood restaurants cluttered on the beaches serve the best time ever with lip-smacking dishes. The luxurious beach resorts are competing with each other to have their guests staying at enhanced comfort and amidst unseen tranquility.

Jeju Island, South Korea

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Ideal for swimming is most of the beaches on Jeju Island in South Korea. The grey and white sandy beaches make the romantic getaways enthralling. Honeymooners find Jeju a perfect companion to plan an extended tour package, the stay arrangements on the beach and nearby places are also promised to make the guests enjoy comfort at its best. A relaxed evening with your beloved on one of the resto bars on the beach completes the honeymoon tour of yours.

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

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Cat Ba Island has been recognized as a tourist destination very recently, the rugged island has an enormous jungle space everywhere and thus the national park of Cat Ba plays an important role in making the tourists’ days here extravagant. The majority of the regions on the island is seldom touched and tamed so that it keeps the wild beauty intact. For honeymooners, Cat Ba bay and the resorts on the beaches are soothing and forcing them to linger more.

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