6 Things That Happen When You Travel Solo


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Traveling is something which is a phenomenal and a liberating experience.Every time we pack our bags and land in some new place, we are overwhelmed with a sense of freedom and joy.Traveling around the world changes the world within us so much.You are never the same person anymore and you are enriched with valuable experiences.Here are the things that happen when you travel solo -

1. Solo travel boosts your Confidence and makes you feel good -

No matter how hard we try to keep pace with our lives and try to push ourselves to be strong, sometimes it just seems hard to endure.There are days when we feel low and no amount of consolation or alternatives can make us feel better.Just try going out somewhere, when you are down.If you are traveling for the first time, go to some place where you have been before and stay for some time on your own.We will be amazed when out of no where, we begin to feel good about ourselves.This is the magic that traveling casts upon us.Going solo instills more confidence in ourselves and urges us to be strong.

2. It builds your courage -

When you travel to an unfamiliar place on your own,a lot of things can go messy.Although you take utmost care to be alert all the times, bad things can still happen.It is during these times that we learn to survive and endure the unforeseen hurdles in our journey.And this experience only makes us even more courageous and daring.Since we are companion less, we are forced to deal with the dangers of our own.This helps us to discover our hidden strength.

3. It makes you become a good Manager - 

No - relax, I am not talking about your manager at your office - It is the manager of all our travels.And who else is the manager and planner other than yourself when you are traveling on your own? Starting from the tickets until you narrow down the places that you want to visit, everything needs to be taken care of. And you can never be complacent about anything while traveling.You may land up in a situation where you may run out of cash or anything vital.These things make us learn how to manage and handle things on our own.We may not come out with flying colors always, but every situation handled is a lesson learnt.

4. It makes you more responsible - 

When you set out to explore places alone, you need to be cautious and aware all the time.Traveling solo makes you accountable for all your actions and hence makes you responsible.You have no one to blame if things go wrong and so you learn to take care of yourself.You become more sensible and responsible traveling will become your way.

5.Travelling solo lets you connect with your self -

It is the best 'me' time anyone can have! It helps you clear your head, refreshes your thoughts and ideas.When you are traveling on your own,you are free from all the voices around you - voices of your friends, partner or any one.This makes you think impartially about things and makes you arrive at the right decision.It gives you ample of time to introspect and ponder.It uncovers the real you and helps in understanding and loving yourself better.

6. It broadens your perspective about people and things -

When you are left with no choice but to trust a stranger whom you encounter,you are intimidated and doubtful.But when you realise that the stranger is far from what you had anticipated, it makes you surprised - to see that the world is not such a bad place like you had imagined in your head after all! You will see that our world is filled with compassionate and helpful people.You realise that sometimes it is okay to trust strangers or people you meet and they turn out to be pretty good.Traveling solo makes you less judgmental and more acceptive - of people, things and the situations.

7. Solo Travel teaches you greatest lessons about life - 

When you wake up one day and witness a beautiful sunrise along a pristine beach,you realise that there are so many things in this world that can make anyone happy.It makes you realise how we remain oblivious to most of the beautiful things that happens around us everyday by being indulged in our own little monotonous world.Traveling solo teaches you to slow down, pause and observe the beauty of Mother Earth.It teaches you to notice little, amazing things. It teaches you to be compassionate and loving.

When I came across the people living in the remote villages of the Himalayas during my trek 2 months ago,I was dumbfounded to see how happy they were with what they possessed.They lacked all the comforts.They survived with the bare minimum necessities and yet here they were - contained and peaceful living in the lap of gorgeous mountains.It taught me how to be happy with the simpler things in life.It taught me that you do not have to be comfortable to enjoy the smaller things.The kids there taught me that little things should never be ignored - And that smile truly is the shortest distance between two people.

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