8 Tips for Writing Your Best College Essay

7th Mar 2018

The question “How can I write my college essay without a special degree in writing?” may be important for students. But it may be an issue for others who have already learnt the basic essay structure and want to write perfect texts quickly and easily.

You may know, as for now, how to write academic expositions and essays: you begin with an idea presentation, give an explanation of your thesis, present around three claims worth proving, and wrap it all up with a clear and proper conclusion. But a college essay is not something completely the same. It requires some specific knowledge.

The Internet nowadays gives you the ability to purchase custom UK essays, but it is also a good idea to learn the basics on your own. And the best way to do it and improve your skills day by day is practice. Today we will give you eight important tips to consider when writing your college essay.

The Best Eight Pieces of Advice for You to Follow:

● Prepare your environment for writing. Get rid of all the things that may distract you and let your thoughts flow. That is the half of the job.

● Find an idea of your interest that needs to be proven, investigated or discussed.

● Create a visualized writing scheme. Write down your ideas and arguments before you start writing. It always helps when returning to your main thoughts and ideas.

● Open your college essay interestingly. Let your first paragraph be informative and engaging.

● Do not exaggerate, and use an appropriate tone for college essays.

● Prepare the sources. They will help you to organize your thoughts and obtain some reliable information to refer to.

● Avoid copying anything from the Internet or any book directly. It will not make the process faster, and you will risk being accused of plagiarism. Also, do not use a lot of quotes in your essay as they take up much space and tend to conceal your own opinion.

● Your motivation is vital. You need a goal to get started. So, when you are finished, reward yourself with some food or entertainment. Make your writing process enjoyable.

The Biggest Challenges

One of the most common challenges undergraduates experience is trying to put everything they have seen, or they already know into their exposition. The average size of an essay is 650 words so try to be as concise as you can. Before you start, take a couple of minutes and focus on expressing your main idea and some related ideas.

It does not come effortlessly but from now you will get used to it, and you will have a clear understanding of the point you want to communicate. Let your college essay stand out. Teachers get bored reading similar essays so make your own as unique as possible. The conclusion ought to be carefully planned. Take advantage of being able to share something with the reader who may know nothing about you and your views. Write a story nobody else can tell.

The Basics of a College Essay Structure

Do remember that a college essay needs a structure common for all the essay types. Your introduction should have a hook to make the reader interested in what you are going to say next. So, take some time making it up. Asking a rhetorical question may also be good at the beginning of your essay as it makes people think, and not just consume your text. Moreover, tell a relevant joke or a short story, even a personal one, so that the reader will not get bored with reading.

Without a doubt, the essay’s body is a significant part, so take some more time for it than for an introduction and a conclusion. This is because your statements should be compelling. If you want to write it quickly as well, feel free to take some notes of your ideas before writing it and then just broaden your ideas on paper.

Do not forget to write your essay with linking words and phrases, the so-called transitions that help you to go from one idea to another, for example, “Regarding this”, “Briefly”, “As it has been noted”, etc. Finally, write a powerful conclusion. Wrap up the essay well with the conclusion of all your thoughts in one paragraph. It cannot sound similar to your main point.

The last but not the least, make your thoughts sound compelling. Good grammar is also a sign of a good and experienced writer. That is why, when you are done with your text, reread it at least two more times.

Don’t depend exclusively on a computer spelling checker as it cannot distinguish the setting in which you are utilizing words, so do not hesitate to survey your essay carefully once again. And one more piece of advice: you can read your sentences backwards. It helps to recognize some otherwise invisible mistakes. You might use a thesaurus when writing academic essays.

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