8 Ways to Prep for A Successful Road Trip


Planning a road trip? Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or a trip across the country, before you hit the open road, it’s important that you properly prep and plan your road trip.

From tune ups to music options, below are eight things to consider when prepping for a successful road trip.

1. Research route

First, be sure to map out your route. See where good rest areas are or places to spend the night. Research best routes, what roads to avoid because of damage/construction and if there are any high traffic times to avoid when driving through cities or large suburban areas.

But most of all, research the must see attractions and restaurants along your route. Road trips are a great way to experience new cultures and cuisines, so make tentative plans and itineraries of what you’d like to see, do and eat on your road trip.

2. Have plenty of food in the car

Another important factor in your road trip prep is food. Besides mapping out eating options, be sure to have plenty of good travel snacks that won’t melt in the car. These snacks can help you stay alert when driving. Gum and mints can also increase circulation and alertness. Along with food, make sure to stay hydrated and always travel with a water bottle. Make a stop to the grocery store a couple days before your trip.

3. Entertainment

In addition to food, research fun car games and activities you can play. Make various playlists that you and your fellow passengers will enjoy. Visit your local library and rent books on tape. Reach out to those traveling with you and assign them to food or entertainment duty.

If you’re traveling with smaller children, be sure to have entertainment and movies readily available. The happier they are, the happier you’ll be!

4. Emergency funds

Have additional funds or cash with you if an emergency arises. Keep the emergency funds separate from your travel funds, and only use the funds if emergency situations arise.

5. Get your car checked by a mechanic

Take your car to your local mechanic to have it checked out before you head on your trip. Talk with your mechanic about your trip and what tune ups your car might need.

In addition, make sure you have good car insurance for when mechanical issues arise. If you need insurance, the best way to get a range of car insurance prices is to use free insurance quote tools on the web.

6. Emergency kit

Be sure to pack a basic first aid kit, along with jumper cables, basic set of tools and a spare tire and if your me, lipsense is apart of your emergency kit. You never know when those items will come in handy. Especially if it’s a long distance you’re traveling, having a tire gauge or spare tire can save you a couple $100.

Traveling in the winter? You should pack warm clothes, blankets, flashlight, extra cell phone battery, food and water in your car. It’s best to be safe and prepared, especially when driving in winter conditions.

7. Pack your car the night before

Especially if you plan on leaving first thing in the morning, the last thing you want to do is pack all of your items in the car before heading out. You’ll most likely forget something important. A good rule of thumb is to pack your suitcase and the car the night before, meaning you’ll need to shop 2-3 days beforehand and visit your mechanic a week before your trip. Packing when alert will help start your trip on the right foot.

8. Plan on being flexible

Though itineraries are great, don’t afraid to be flexible while on the road. Traffic, weather and other conditions may appear and there’s nothing you can do about it. Having a flexible attitude is a must while on the road and will help you enjoy the overall trip.

Remember these helpful preparation tips in order to have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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