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9 Best Places To Eat In Singapore If You're A Vegetarian



Photo of 9 Best Places To Eat In Singapore If You're A Vegetarian by Adete Dahiya

The days of being served up an uninspiring plate of greens, when you ask for something vegetarian, are long gone. Whether your choice of vegetarian/vegan food is because of health reasons, your love for animals, for religious reasons, or for the concern of the environment, Singapore is one place where you will find a great variety to suit all kinds of palettes. In fact, Singapore was named the second in the world of PETA's Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities in Asia in 2016.

So, here's a list of restaurants, from fine-dining and organic to local neighbourhood joints, where you can be sure to find the best vegetarian options in Singapore.


Photo of Original Sin Mediterranean Restaurant, Singapore by Adete Dahiya

Founded in 1997 by Italian-Australian chef Marisa Bertocchi, Original Sin continues to be the only restaurant serving Mediterranean vegetarian cuisine in Singapore. Named after the famous fresco painted in the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Original Sin offers an innovative menu which uses fresh and seasonal ingredients to provide a creative spin on traditional Mediterranean dishes. And they also have a great wine collection to boot. The food, many have said, is so good that you might not even notice the absence of meat on the menu.

Cost: ₹2500 for two (approx)

Cuisine: Mediterranean and Italian

Standout dishes: Mezze platter, tzatziki, bosco mista burger, lasagne, tiramisu

Timings and location: 11.30am-2.15pm, 6.00pm-10pm; Chip Bee Gardens, 43 Jalan Merah Saga

Contact: +65 6475 5605


Photo of Real Food, Singapore by Adete Dahiya

If you're looking for a healthy place to dine at, Real Food is where you should go. Set up by three friends working on the concept of knowing what goes on to your plate and into your food, Real Food has now expanded to three outlets in Singapore and one in Malaysia. However, the place has managed to retain its organic cafe feel. The menu is detailed and labels each dish (vegan, containing soy, garlic, gluten-free etc.) and even beyond this if you have any specific preferences, they will try to cater to those. All dishes are made fresh and to order.

Cost: ₹900 for two (approx)

Cuisine: Mediterranean and Italian

Standout dishes: Beet millet burger, brown rice set served with different side dishes, steamed dumplings, french beans and chestnuts, cold-pressed juice

Timings and location: 10am to 9pm; 6 Eu Tong Sen Street

Contact: +65 6224 4492



Photo of 9 Best Places To Eat In Singapore If You're A Vegetarian by Adete Dahiya

Pollen offers some of the finest European dishes in Singapore. While it serves non-vegetarian food as well, it boasts of an extensive vegetarian menu where the natural flavour of ingredients are championed. Helmed by executive chef Steve Allen, the restaurant draws inspiration from French and Southeast Asian cuisine and regional agriculture to create food that celebrates the produce through simple preparation.

Cost: ₹7,500 for two (approx)

Cuisine: French, European

Standout dishes: Chef Allen’s seven-course dinner tasting menu, beetroot risotto, kale salad, Josper baked globe and Jerusalem artichokes with pear, parmesan, and basil

Timings and location: 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm (closed on Tuesdays); Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay

Contact: +65 6604 9988

VeganBurg calls itself the world's first vegan burger joint, only the burgers are nutritious and environmentally-friendly instead of being classified as "junk food". The restaurant provides an interesting spin on plant-based meals and gives you your favourite comfort food with a healthy spin. All patties are GMO-free and pan fried, the bun is full of fibre and the produce is selected fresh everyday.

Cost: ₹500 for two (approx)

Cuisine: Burgers

Standout dishes: Smoky BBQ burger, char-grilled satay, cracked mayo, creamy shrooms, tangy tartar, mustang relish and Hawaiian teriyaki, avocado beetroot burger

Timings and location: 11.30am to 10pm (Mon-Sat), and 10.30am to 10pm (Sundays); Jalan Eunos, Kembangan

Contact: +65 68446868

Whole Earth


Photo of 9 Best Places To Eat In Singapore If You're A Vegetarian by Adete Dahiya

Whole Earth is the only vegetarian restaurant in Singapore serving Peranakan-Thai cuisine. This Michelin Star awarded restaurant whips up an extensive and interesting menu that is also popular for being free of MSG. They are also extremely vegan-friendly. The dishes traditionally prepared with meat are also so good that non-vegetarian customers have a hard time figuring out whether there is meat in them or not.

Cost: ₹1,800 for two (approx)

Cuisine: Thai and Peranakan

Standout dishes: Sambal king, olive rice, handmade yam treasure ring, XO rice, Assam pedas vegetables, crispy golden oats, Sambal kang kong

Timings and location: 11.30am to 3pm and 5.30pm to 10pm; 76 Peck Seah Street

Contact: +65 6221 6583

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant


Photo of 9 Best Places To Eat In Singapore If You're A Vegetarian by Adete Dahiya

You can't have a list of vegetarian restaurants without an Indian eatery making its way on there. Established in 1983, Madras New Woodlands Restaurant is among Singapore's oldest and most well-established Indian eateries. Needless to say, they serve a delectable selection of South Indian dishes with appam, dosa and vada being the favourites. If you're in ever in Singapore and craving the taste of something warm and spicy that reminds you of your home back in India, then make sure to make a stop here.

Cost: ₹450 for two (approx)

Cuisine: South Indian

Standout dishes: Appam, coffee, mango lassi, masala dosa, cheese dosa, masala tea, medu vada

Timings and location: 7.30am to 11pm; 14 Upper Dickson Road

Contact: +65 6221 6583


Photo of Brownice Italian Vegan Ice Cream Cafe, Singapore by Adete Dahiya

Pegged primarily as an ice-cream parlour offering the choicest selection of vegan ice-creams in Singapore, Brownice also whips up some of the most delicious Italian dishes you will find anywhere in the country. In recent years it has come to be known for its pizzas, pastas and coffee. If you're looking for a budget-friendly but hearty Italian meal with a dessert to end things on a sweet note, this is the place to be.

Cost: ₹1,800 for two (approx)

Cuisine: Italian, ice-cream

Standout dishes: Lasagna, bbq 'chicken' pizza, hazelnut shake, earl grey ice-cream

Timings and location: 12pm to 10pm; 53 East Coast Road

Contact: +65 63482295

Cafe Salivation


Photo of 9 Best Places To Eat In Singapore If You're A Vegetarian by Adete Dahiya

If you're looking for a quick bite or something to grab while you're on the go, Cafe Salivation is where you can get it. Serving an Indian-Western fusion of fast food such as pastas, mini-pizzas, sandwiches and burgers, it is a great vegetarian alternative to fast-food joints.

Cost: ₹800 for two (approx)

Cuisine: Indian-western fusion

Standout dishes: Fettuccine pesto, gratin a la verdure, lasagna with soya mince & spinach, spaghetti soya Bolognese, spinach and ricotta ravioli

Timings and location: 10am to 10.30pm; 75 Syed Alwi Road

Contact: +65 62981412

The Living Cafe


Photo of 9 Best Places To Eat In Singapore If You're A Vegetarian by Adete Dahiya

If there's a place that is synonymous with healthy in Singapore, it is The Living Cafe. With carefully selected organic produce and fresh ingredients, raw food is at the heart of their service at this restaurant. And if you want to take it one step further, they also offer health consultations, diet and detox plans.

Cost: ₹2,200 for two (approx)

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine

Standout dishes: Veggie delight pizza, classic Greek wrap, living salad, zucchini pesto pasta

Timings and location: 11am to 7pm (Mon-Thurs), 11am to 10pm (Fri), and 9am to 10pm (Sat-Sun); Bukit Timah Road

Contact: +65 64684482

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the vegetarian eateries in Singapore. If you think you've been someplace that deserves to be on here, let me know in the comments or else write about it on Tripoto to help the community grow.

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