9 Reasons Why Goa Is A Backpacker’s HELL!


Are you a backpacker considering traveling to Goa? Well, that is the biggest mistake you could ever make! Think about it – what does it have to offer other than loud music, crazy nightclubs, insane fests, wild parties and five star hotels? If you do not agree, take a look at these nine reasons that Goa is the stuff of nightmares for backpackers.

1.It is all about 5 stars and luxury: With countless 5-star establishments everywhere, Goa has become all about luxury and extravagance – nothing more. Why? Well, everyone has left those awesome beach shacks that offer amazing authentic Goan cuisine and cheap drinks! Why would you want to take advantage of that, right?

2.It is all sand and beaches: There is nothing but sand and beaches. If you want to go camping, you have to opt for floating teepees and tents. Would that interest you?

3.It is crowded and noisy: Goa is the party capital of India and always crowded and noisy. And who wants to go looking for some peace and quiet in the Devil’s Canyon and Pandava caves?

4.It has nothing but the same old loud parties: Goa is all about loud parties – done to death, right? But then again, unique events like the Silent Noise parties at Palolem Beach can be enjoyed in many places other than Goa.

5.It does not offer much diversity for wildlife activities you can enjoy: Aren’t crab tours and dolphin watching pretty much all Goa has to offer when it comes to wildlife? Who would want to visit the Butterfly Conservatory to see amazing sights of strange caterpillars breaking out of their cocoons, transformed into beautiful winged insects?

6.Surfing, kayaking and rafting – what else is new: For backpacking nature and adventure lovers, Goa’s majestic elephants and the chance to ride on their backs and frolic in the water would not sound appealing at all.

7.It is too small to explore: The drive between North and South Goa is just 65 km. Who would want to rent a bike and go exploring such a small place? There would not be anything interesting to see, right?

8.Shopping in Goa is boring: Do you want to carry souvenirs home for everyone? Well, Goa is definitely not the place for you. After all, all it has to offer are night markets at Arambol Beach – nothing much to see there.

9.Live music jams in cafés are not your cup of tea: Who wants to listen to a bunch of strangers jamming at random cafés? A backpacker would never enjoy something like that! You have all the music you need in your phone, thank you very much!

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